LaGesse LaSquare 12″ Stainless Steel Blade (1-LAS-12S)


LaGesse LaSquare Model 1-LAS-12S Review

Wider is better. Pontiac sold that line many years ago, remember? Here’s another example from LaGesse Products, LLC – a small business in Mineral Point, Missouri. They’re a company that specializes in prototype and design work, as well as metal fabrication. Their creation, known as LaSquare, is proof that necessity is the mother of invention.

Let’s start with the obvious difference between this tool and a standard combination square – it has an enormous noggin!

The head on the LaSquare is wider, taller and deeper than my old square’s head. It really does make a difference when working with odd-shaped materials – that is, anything that’s not a piece of dimensional lumber, really. The wider head allows you to use the square for measuring and marking pipe, tubing, or anything else that with a surface that makes it difficult to use a standard square.

The design of this tool also varies from the traditional – because the width of the blade sits entirely within the confines of the head, it can sit flat on a surface.

Additionally, because of the added width, this tool can stand in a vertical position fairly easily – leaving you hands-free to measure and mark.

While testing, the blade moved easily in the head and I was even able to take it out and reinstall with minimal effort. My old square always had me pulling hair out while trying to reinstall the blade, and I don’t have enough hair left to keep wrestling with it!

The stainless steel blade has increments down to 1/32nd of an inch. If you need accuracy, it’s there.

The bubble level is bright and easy to see, as well.

About the only thing this square is missing is a scribe pin, but I so rarely used my old one that I didn’t even notice until a friend pointed that out. That’s what thumb tacks and finish nails are for in my shop.

Overall, this is a great addition to your shop if you’re tired of dealing with many of the shortfalls of traditional squares mentioned above. The price is right and the quality is high – Made in America! They have several other models, as well.

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