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KuulAire Evaporative Air Cooler

I’ve been aware of Port-A-Cool for several years now. They make terrific products that are in use everywhere from street festival vendor booths to NFL sidelines. Their portable air coolers are simple to use and economical, as well.

I reviewed one of the larger Port-A-Cool units; you can see the video HERE. Their indoor brand is KuulAire and we got a look at some of their latest coolers at the Hardware Show.

Portable Air Cooler

Smaller and sleeker than their industrial cousin, the KuulAire units are about the size of a dorm fridge, but you can’t store beer in them.

National Hardware Show Preview

Hot weather has just arrived in Nashville and we have one of the units for review, so we’ll let you know what we find. In the meantime, here’s a quick rundown of the KuulAir Portable Air Coolers from the Hardware Show.


What is Evaporative Cooling?

If you’re not familiar with air coolers, here’s a quick description – they utilize a pump to draw water up from a base reservoir and deposit it at the top of a pad/filter. The water saturates the filter and drops back down into the reservoir. At the same time, a fan draws air across that saturated filter and as it passes through, the dry air is infused with moisture vapor which cools it considerably. During my desert rat days, we called them swamp coolers, because they also introduce some humidity into the air, as well. They’re less expensive to operate because they don’t use compressors or condensers or refrigerant.

Portable Air Cooler

This is the saturated filter where all the magic happens. Makes a person wish they’d taken more science classes in school. Simple but effective technology.

KuulAire has an even more detailed definition HERE.

Portable Air Cooler Features

Wisely, the indoor units are designed with an eye for style (without a high-style price tag). They’re less industrial-looking than their outdoor cousins, but just as effective. They have bright control displays (dimmable) and a slew of features that make them pretty convenient to use just about anywhere in your house.

Portable Air Cooler

These KuulAire units have wheels and are relatively lightweight, so they’re easy to move around the house.

Portable Air Cooler

Controls are well-lit and easy to access and use.

KuulAire Portable Air Cooler Review

We’ll post our look at the KuulAire Model PACKA53 in the next few days, so check back.

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For more information from the manufacturer: CLICK HERE

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