Klever Kutter Package & Box Cutter

Hardware Show

Klever Kutter Box Cutter Preview

Here’s another find from the 2012 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. This “Klever” little tool opens packages and boxes that have been secured with packing tape. Sure, you could use a single-edged razor blade or box cutter to do the job, but you risk damaging the contents of the box with those crazy, dangerous tools!

Box Cutter

The Klever Kutter can be customized with a company’s logo to use as a promotional item.

The Klever Kutter utilizes 2 recessed razor blades to cut through the packing tape. The plastic shrouds prevent the blades from cutting into your packaged goodies.

Box Cutter

The recessed blades are tucked away under the wings of the cutter’s tip.

They make great promotional giveaways, since they can be customized with your logo, etc.


We gave the tool a try, and it worked like a charm; take a look at the video below.

Klever Kutter Box & Package Opener

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For more information from the manufacturer: CLICK HERE


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