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Editor’s Note: We are really fortunate to get to meet a lot of great people in the “tool world” and we get to see a lot of really cool stuff before it actually hits that market. 

This past April, we went to Mansfield, TX to be at the ribbon cutting ceremony for the brand new Klein Tools heat treat facility.  While we were there, we also took a tour through the factory where American workers are making many of the Klein Tools pliers.  We also met with some of the Klein Family and Marketing Staff and we got to take a look at some of the new tools that were coming out at that time and some that we had to wait to tell you about. 

Now you have to understand that at most of these tool events for the media, there are a lot of guys there and at some point they all get slap happy and bring out the 5th grade humor.  BUT at this particular event, it was just too easy.  Klein brought out a big bottle of lube.  Now when I say lube, I mean the kind that is used for pulling wires, but you can just imagine the jokes.  After we stopped laughing at our childish humor, Klein introduced what they said would be a game-changer for electricians.  And even though our test sample won’t arrive until next week, if it works like the demo they showed us in April, Klein has a winner!  Take a look at this brand new product from Klein.  It will be available in just one week and more info with be coming from Klein on September 2nd.

Klein Tools

Klein Pliers: Made in the USA!
Inside the Klein Factory in Mansfield, TX

Klein® Tools Introduces Exclusive Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant

No Drips!  No Stains!  No Mess!

Klein Foam Lubricant for Wire Pulling

Klein Foam Lubricant for Wire Pulling

September 2, 2014 (Lincolnshire, IL) – Klein Tools (http://www.kleintools.com), for professionals since 1857, introduces Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant, a no mess, no hassle alternative to traditional gel or wax lubricants.

The exclusive foam formula stays where you apply it and doesn’t stain.  No clean up required.

Klein’s Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant (Cat. No. 51100) works differently than gels or waxes.  Instead of spreading it onto the wires, foam lubricant is applied directly into the conduit.  Then it fills the conduit and coats the wires as they are pulled through.  The foam won’t drip out even if it is used in vertical conduit.   Klein’s Foam Wire Pulling Lubricant also wipes away clean and won’t leave stains on hands, clothing or carpet.

Foam lubricant also has four times greater yield than gels or waxes.* One can equals four quarts of wax/gel lubricants. The 19 ounce can fits into a tool bag and is easier to carry around a job site than a pail or bucket.

“An electrician can spend hours applying traditional wire pulling lubricant and then cleaning up the mess it leaves behind,” says Klein Tools’ senior product manager Dave Mueller.  “Our innovative foam lubricant eliminates all of that, saving time and money.”

*Based on job site pulls with foam in ¾” conduit when used as directed.

Klein Foam Lubricnat for Wire Pulling

Klein is a registered trademark of Klein Tools, Inc.

Since 1857 Klein Tools, a family-owned and operated company, has been designing, developing and manufacturing premium-quality, professional-grade hand tools. The majority of Klein tools are manufactured in plants throughout the United States and are the number one choice among professional electricians and other tradespeople. For more information, visit www.kleintools.com.

For more info: CLICK HERE (Web post not available until September 2nd, 2014)


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