IWF 2014 Recap

IWF Atlanta

IWF 2014 Estimates Draw of Over 20,000 Exhibitors and Attendees

Early reports indicate over 900 exhibitors taking up over 448,000 square feet of floor space.

Every other year, Atlanta plays host to one of the largest woodworking trade shows, the International Woodworking Fair, or known simply as, IWF.  This show alternates with the Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers (AWFS) that is held in odd numbered years and is in Las Vegas. With this being 2014, it was IWF’s turn to coordinate the more than 900 exhibitors, large and small, who showcased their wares to the thousands of custom woodworkers, furniture makers and cabinet makers in attendance.

IWF GA World Congress

Georgia World Congress Center is home to IWF

IWF Inside Hall

Photo Courtesy of Woodworking Network

Two companies that took up a ton of floor space were Biesse America and Stiles, who also declared their booth a city unto itself.

IWF 2014 Stiles City

Stiles City

IWF 2014 Biesse Booth

Biesse Booth

Each of them had their own small army of people working the booth and judging by the sheer size of the equipment, they needed every live body they could manage to keep the tools operating and the visitors engaged.

IWF 2014

Watching the Automated Machines can be quite mesmerizing!

Check out this inert material handling automated machinery in action:

Senco Booth:

There were very few tool manufacturers on hand. Bosch and SENCO were the major players at the show while DeWalt and Makita only had a presence in a distributor’s booth who was selling tools.

IWF Senco Booth

Senco Booth

ShopBot Tools:

Outside of the big guys, there were some new products of note. ShopBot Tools, has introduced the new ShopBot Desktop CNC machine, it delivers engraving level precision and the power and rigidity to machine parts from wood, plastic, aluminum, and other materials. Weighing only 10.2 pounds (without router/spindle) and a cutting Volume: 24” x 18” x 3.5”, this small package allows users to bring CNC capabilities to the work site. The Desktop includes VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition CAD/CAM Design Software [created for ShopBot by Vectric].

The base package costs $4,995 and there options available that include a router or industrial spindle and starter bits.

IWF ShopBot

ShopBot Photo Courtesy of Woodworking Network

Here’s a short video of the ShopBot in action:

IWF 2014 HandiBot

New from ShopBot: The HandiBot

M.K. Morse:

M.K. Morse, known for their power tool accessories such as band saw blades, hole saws, circular saws and circular saw blades, spade bits and much more, was taking part in their first IWF show. They were showcasing their extensive line of band saw blades, and the QuickSilver line was on display.

These carbon blades feature:

  • Aggressive tooth design cuts faster with longer tooth life
  • Special ETS set pattern and aggressive hook tooth
  • Can be resharpened
  • Flexible back resist fatigue
  • Offers required precision and contour control required in furniture manufacturing
IWF 2014 M.K. Morse

M.K. Morse Booth

Oneida Air:

Air collection is essential to a clean and healthy shop. From large stationary to portable systems to dust extractor compatible styles, Oneida Air Systems has been cleaning large and small shops with their unique industrial grade cyclonic dust collection systems since 1993.

IWF Oneida Air Booth

Oneida Air Booth

Standard wet/dry vacuums rely completely on their filter to capture and filter dust particles. The result is rapidly clogging filters and dramatically reduced suction after short use. Anyone who uses a vacuum when sanding can surely attest to how quickly this happens.

The Dust Deputy® cyclone system captures up to 99% of the dust before it reaches the vacuum, which means virtually no filter clogging or loss of suction. This means extended motor life and filters which will save money.

Enough to impress the Wood Whisperer, you bet. Check out Marc’s review:


Black is the new orange. CMT, long known as the Orange Tool Company, infamous for their saw blades, router bits and cutter heads and knives unveiled two new offerings, jig saw blades and contactor grade router bits in black.

Made in high speed steel (HSS), high carbon steel (HCS) or bimetal (BIM), these Jig saw blades with T-shaped shank have been designed for cutting soft & hardwood, plywood, OSB, laminates, plastics, HPL, multiplex panels, metals, ferrous & non-ferrous materials, aluminium, fiberglass and also stainless steel. Available in 5-pcs, 25-pcs or even 100-pcs packaging. Suitable for straight, curved or plunge cutting.


Product Display in CMT Booth

The folks at Woodworker’s Journal got the inside scoop on the new router bits:

There’s a lot to see every other year at IWF.  The next IWF won’t be until 2016, but you can check out AWFS next year in Las Vegas.

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