iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard – Tool Review

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard

You know the sound – it’s unmistakable. The sound when you drop your iPhone and it hits the ground in just such a way. It’s the sound of thousands of tiny micro-cracks spreading across your once-glorious screen. If it lands face-down, there’s a moment (albeit short-lived) in which you try to convince yourself it didn’t really break. But it did. You can count on it. If only you had just purchased a better case, maybe one surrounded by unbreakable steel.

There’s a way to avoid all that heartbreak (not to mention screenbreak), and it’s called the iCat Reel It. I call it a ridiculously inexpensive insurance policy. Much like those keychains that janitor’s often wear, the Reel-It works with a small reel of nylon cord and attaches to both your belt loop and the charging port of your iPhone or iPod.

(And just to be clear, I also have an Otterbox case on my phone in these pictures. I consider it an added layer of  protection.)

Unlike the charging cord that plugs into your computer, the Reel-It’s plug locks into the port, securing the phone to the lanyard. From there, you have almost two feet of safety when (notice I didn’t say ‘if’?) you drop your phone. It helps prevent that awful, terrible noise.

The Reel-It is a no-brainer in the workshop, where most of us are usually juggling three things at once when the phone rings.

Quit kidding yourself – at some point you’re going to be a phone klutz. When that happens, you’re going to wish you’d purchased this nifty little lifesaver. You might as well buy two – it’ll be cheaper than a new iPhone. At the time of this post, we located one for a measly $15.00.


To check prices or purchase the iCat Reel-It on Amazon: CLICK HERE

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