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Saving Money On A Job

First and foremost, our job as professionals in the construction industry is to make sure our clients receive a top-quality product commensurate with the money they’ve paid us. Also included in that payment is our profit margin, however small it may seem to be getting. One of the ways we can increase that elusive margin is by making sure we’re not throwing money at a situation that was avoidable to begin with. That’s what this tip is all about – heading off needlessly wasted cash at the pass, so to speak.

HVAC Clean-Out

If you’re working a site where the HVAC system needs to be running, whether it’s to dry plaster or drywall mud, or simply to keep the temperatures above freezing or below boiling, you understand how difficult it can be to keep dirt, dust and debris from falling down the open ducts. What’s worse is when they become trash receptacles, because “you can’t see them from my yard”. Hopefully this Quick Tip will help prevent both.

Woven or fiber filters (generally used for AC units or swamp coolers in some areas) cut into small sections and secured over the duct openings allow airflow, but not junk flow.


Tacked into place, these filters allow you to use the system while protecting it during the build.

Take a look at the tip in action on a job site to get the full picture, and be sure to let us know if you have any alternative methods that are just as effective. We’ll be happy to share them with the rest of the Tool Skool viewers.

HVAC Construction Filter



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