How To Drain a Pool Using Rescue Tape


Draining a Pool with the Help of Rescue Tape

The Job at Hand:

My task was to drain my 20,00 gallon pool in order to effect some plaster repair. Usually I rent a pump and it has all the needed accessories including a drain hose. Knowing that I would be needing to remove not only the original water but water from several wash down sessions I bought my very own submersible, electric pump.

How to Drain a pool with the aid of Rescue Tape

Pool pump used to drain the water from the pool.

Problem to be solved:

When it arrived I wanted to get right to draining the pool. It was then I noticed that the pump discharge had only two choices to attach the drain hose. The first was a 3/4 inch male fitting allowing a standard garden hose attachment and the second a 2 inch male fitting that would require a PVC adapter.

How to Drain a Pool with the Aid of Resue Tape

Using a PVC adapter instead of a slower garden hose.

How to Drain a Pool with Rescue Tape

The PVC adapter fit snuggly. Time to see if the hose does the same.

I consider myself to be only a marginally patient person so draining the entire pool through the garden hose would have seriously taxed my patience. I opted to use the hose from my pool sweep, and crossed my fingers hoping it would fit into the PVC fitting tightly enough for it to work. You know the next part right? It was sooo close! The fitting on the hose just cleared the inside of the PVC fitting but not nearly enough to hold against the pressure of the pump.

How to drain a pool with the aid of Rescue Tape

The hose was close, but not snug enough to be water tight.

Solution to the problem:

This is where Rescue Tape saved the day. I was able to anchor the lip of the hose fitting to the PVC by making two wraps around the PVC before covering the hose fitting.

How to Drain a Pool with the Aid of Rescue Tape

Starting the wrap with Rescue Tape. Be sure to make several passes around what you are covering, so that each layer adheres to the layer beneath.

How to use Rescue Tape:

Because Rescue Tape conforms well to odd shapes, I was able wrap the drain hose and pull it toward the PVC fitting and secure it tightly. That seal was water and pressure proof.

How To Drain a Pool with the aid of Rescue Tape

Pulling tight is the key to getting a waterproof seal with Rescue Tape

How To Drain A Pool with the aid of Rescue Tape

Rescue Tape adheres to itself to create a tight, waterproof seal.

I successfully drained the pool of water and while acid washing the plaster used the same system to drain the water/muriatic acid mixture without problems.  If you need to drain a pool, I recommend you have Rescue Tape on hand.  Oh, and one more thing: clean up is simple because there is no adhesive residue. Also since the tape in under tension a small slice across the tape and it all comes off.  No other product has the necessary properties to make this project successful. Rescue Tape is amazing.

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