HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera – CES Video Preview


HoverCam Mini 5 HD Camera

I’ve always been drawn to cameras (go figure). So when my natural curiosity drew me to the HoverCam booth, I started to justify why we should bring this camera to your attention. I mean, what would this have to do with construction, building, or architecture? And then it hit me…everything! Think of the possibilities – inspecting plumbing for leaks, looking at architectural drawings in more detail, examining small parts from a tool, oh – and don’t forget those expense reports or job estimates and invoices, complete with receipts. The list goes on and I’m sure you’ve already thought of a few yourself.

Inspection Camera

The Mini 5 folds from a compact size into a maneuverable, flexible desktop document camera.

The HoverCam Mini 5 is small, as you can see. It weighs next to nothing, but produces an extremely detailed image that is accessed through the manufacturer’s software. Once set up, you can record stills, HD video, share the file on just about any platform – even email it from your desktop. It’s all very convenient and wrapped up in a neat little package.


The manufacturer includes their proprietary software with the camera.

HoverCam Mini 5 Features

  • Recipt & Business Card Recognition
  • Web Conferencing
  • Document Scanning
  • All Software Included

HoverCam Mini 5 Opinion

What’s there not to love about this mini camera? It’s like a multi-tool of the camera world. Well, the price is a little steep at $249 (MSRP), but when you think about all it can do, it might save that much in wasted time. It all depends on your situation. In any event, take a look at our preview video and see the amazing detail of this camera aimed at a 5 dollar bill!


Who knew there was even writing on the back of the $5?

HoverCam Mini 5 Document Camera Preview



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