Hidden in Plain Sight Safe – Tool Review First Look

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series:


Shhhhh! We found this little jewel in the same room as First Alert’s OneLink Security System. This is something I remember having years ago and thinking it was a likely place to hide, well…you know. Being the guy I am, I would never do that, but I’m sure someone did. In any event, apparently these “hidden containers” have gone mainstream. I don’t mind showing and telling you all about it, but it seems like it’s almost defeating the purpose? Maybe not. I mean, most thieves are too busy stealing your stuff to have time to surf sites like this one, right? Let’s all hope so! While we ponder that, take a look at something fun – that makes a great gift 🙂




To purchase the Hidden in Plain Sight Safe on Amazon, CLICK HERE

To learn more about this and other First Alert products: First Alert Website


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Brad Staggs

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