First Alert OneLink Home Security System – First Look

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series:

We found out about this product in an interesting way. At lunch one day, as we were sitting on the bench outside the Convention Center, an attractive woman began asking what we were doing at the show. Never one to shy away from strangers (it’s a curse), we explained that we were on a quest for knowledge for ToolSkool. She invited us to the First Alert booth (she promised food – it was all gone when we got there). Despite our hunger, we thought this was a pretty innovative security tool that you might enjoy seeing. No opinion yet on its operation, but it sure looks cool. Maybe we’ll get a couple in the mail so we can report first-hand on the OneLink System:



¬†Editor’s Note: The “woman” is Gigi Lubin with NewsMark, Inc. Kudos to her PR skill!

To order the OneLink Security System on Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information on the OneLink Secuirty System: First Alert FAQs