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Black & Decker EasyEdge

During our time producing DIY Tools & Techniques, and other shows prior to that, we had a mantra: “Never put a paint sprayer or gadget to the test during a live show. The reason? It never ends well. and there’s usually paint everywhere by the time you’re done.”

With that in mind, Stanley/Black & Decker held a special luncheon for the media during the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. Maybe they expected to butter us up so we’d give their EasyEdge Painting Tool a glowing review. Come on, we’re not that shallow…we would never trade food for words. Unless, of course, there was chocolate. Well, there wasn’t any of that sugary goodness to be found, so you’ll have to take our honest word when it comes to the EasyEdge.

We really think this is a pretty cool tool. It worked flawlessly while we watched, but please read to the end of this article.


The EasyEdge paint tool from Black & Decker is available for around $30 online.

EasyEdge Painting Tool | NHS 2013 Preview

Take a look at the video preview we shot during their presentation of the tool and see what you think. It all happened just as you’ll see it.

 EasyEdge – How It Works

The EasyEdge comes with a re-usable handle unit that accepts a disposable painting tip and a disposable paint syringe. The kit also includes a syringe loading tool for easier paint uptake, although we didn’t get to see how that part worked. The syringe concept is simple enough, though.


The unit is comprised of the handle, the clear paint syringe (disposable), the vibrating applicator tip (disposable), and is powered by 3 AA batteries. Refills of all disposable parts are available.

Once the paint is sucked in, the syringe gets loaded into the handle unit and a painting tip is attached.

That’s it. Then, just squeeze and paint. The applicator tip vibrates, powered by 3 AA batteries in the handle.


The EasyEdge appeared to make nice tight paint edges with no apparent dripping or leaks.


The tool can be used much like a marker, according to B & D.

The EasyEdge works much like a magic marker; you could even write your name with it, according to the manufacturer. It leaves a neat, clean edge against the trim you’re cutting in.


Curves appeared to be no problem for the tool.

To adjust the paint flow, there’s a small knob located at the bottom of the handle.


Paint flow is controlled with this knob.

Once the job is finished, the applicator tip and syringe can be tossed in the trash. No muss, no fuss, and nothing on the handle to clean, according to B & D.


When the job is done and the disposables are tossed, this is what’s left, and it looks clean.

EasyEdge Opinion

Of course, we’ve looked at other reviews online and seen some complaints about the product, so do some pretty thorough research before plunging headlong into this purchase. All we can say is that it sure looked like it worked (and didn’t leak) while we were watching the demonstration.

I always keep in mind when reading negative reviews, that operator-error is possible. Maybe the flow adjustment knob wasn’t properly turned, etc. That being said, we still want to put one of these bad boys to the test before giving it the big okey-dokey.

Check price/availability on Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information from B & D: CLICK HERE

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