Dunlap 10″ Pipe Wrench

A friend brought this wrench to me a few weeks ago. He recently had to move his mom into an assisted-living facility and was starting the process of cleaning, organizing, and removing her possessions from his childhood home. That’s never an easy task, obviously.

When he found this and some other old hand tools in the garage, he thought of me. I was honored, not only because he brought it to me to include on my Tool History Wall in the shop, but because I could share it with you.

I always wonder what stories tools could tell if they could talk. I would imagine this wrench is no different. I had to do a little research to discover the manufacturer, as I’d never seen a pipe wrench with the metal springs on the sides. I think I got it right, labeling¬† it Dunlap. If I’m mistaken, please let me know.