Faster Drywall Spot Sanding

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Finish Drywall Sanding – Quick Tip

Spot sanding drywall can be a tedious task, even on the best day. Here’s a tip from an “Old-Timer” in the business that makes it a little faster. At the very least, it takes some of the guess work out of knowing where to put the sanding block.

Sanding Drywall

Mixing Drywall Mud:

Once you’ve identified and marked your spots, mix your mud as you normally would, but add the secret ingredient – blue chalk. There’s probably enough in your chalk reel to get the color right. Mix it in until the color is uniform throughout the pan, then apply as usual.

Drywall Sanding

By mixing in a little blue chalk with your mud, you can easily spot the “spots” that need finish sanding on a large job.

When it’s dry, you’ll have a visual indicator on the wall – a bunch of them, actually – and you’ll know exactly where you need to finish sand. No more guessing or using a flashlight. And once you hit it with primer, the blue disappears.

Take a look at this best practice in action in the video below.

Drywall Finish Sand Quick Tip


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