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I tested and reviewed a very cool gadget from EK Ekcessories a few months ago, called the iCAT Neck It, and I’ve used it at every trade show since, and on a lot of video shoots where I needed my phone handy but needed my hands free.  EK Ekcessories has a whole line of great products for the iPhone, and I’ve just recently tested another one and I think it could be useful for anyone, but I’ll specifically address how it can be used in the shop or on a job site.  It’s called the DriCAT Neck It and they make a DriCAT Hang it also.

So here’s the gist.  The DriCAT Neck It is a lanyard attached to a waterproof case for the iPhone 4 / 4S.  And it really works.  It works in rain (which I’ve tested and can attest to), underwater up to 18 feet (I haven’t put it in water that deep, but I did let it soak in a sink and the phone stayed completely dry), and anti-dust.  This is true as I used the case in my shop while cleaning out and the case was covered in dirt and dust, but not even a speck on my iPhone when I took it out of the case.  The manufacturer also says it’s sand proof and snow proof.  I haven’t tried those two elements yet, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be based on the dust and waterproof qualities.

Now, here’s the really good part.  The way the case is made, the back is a hard plastic that protects while it allows you to use the camera function facing that direction.  The whole case is surrounded by tough plastic shell protecting the sides if you do bump it against anything, but here’s the kicker… the front is a flexible silicone shield which keeps the water, dust, sand, and snow out, but since it’s like a “film”, you can use all the functions on your phone.  You can talk on the phone, listen to music, take pictures and videos, message, call, when I say you can use all the functions, I mean it.

So how does this apply to the workshop or the job site? Well the anti-dust is pretty self explanatory, but on a job site, you never know when rain or snow will show up.  And how about SWEAT?  I’ve had a friend ruin phones by keeping them in his pocket and them getting wet from sweat or just humidity.   And it can either hang around your neck, or you can unsnap it from the lanyard to put it in your pocket.   On the job site, it can help you save your lifeline… your phone.   I’d say it’s a small investment to save the hassle of getting a new phone if you ruin the one you have.

This is not your everyday case.  You can’t charge your phone while it’s in the case, so you’ll have to take it out everyday, but it’s pretty simple to put your phone in and take out.

You just flip the tab marked “open”.

Then you twist the top.

Then push the tabs on the side marked “press”.  This was the only part I found tricky and I asked Brad to give it a try also to make sure it wasn’t a girl thing.  He had a bit of a hard time with it also.  The trick is to get a fingernail under the strap covering the tab to push down more in the middle.  I suppose it has to be a bit difficult because in order to keep the case waterproof, you need it to stay securely shut, but if they could improve on any feature it would be that.

Put the phone in, go through the above steps in reverse, and your iPhone is protected.  It’s that easy!  And it’s that protected.  Oh, and did I mention it comes in 6 colors.

Currently the DriCAT Neck It is not available on Amazon.com, but to purchase the DriCAT Hang It: CLICK HERE

For more info: CLICK HERE

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