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Doorprop Door Stops | Simply Brilliant

They work. Period. You can stop reading here and get one (or several) if you’re on the fence about the decision. Or you can keep reading to find out more about these brilliantly simple chunks of molded rubber can be used to prop open any door, according to the inventor. They’re especially useful for propping open those annoying spring-hinged doors that never allow you enough time to get your stuff inside before they close on it and you.

3 Different Models

The Doorprop is available in 3 different models. Each has a specific purpose, but can be used in several different ways.


Each model is designed with a different door in mind. Commercial (bottom – for spring-loaded hinges), Small/Interior (top – for interior doors), and Large/Exterior (right – for large exterior or commercial doors).

The most compact of the 3 is the Commercial model. It’s designed for those aforementioned spring-loaded doors in hotels, businesses and shops. You simply wedge it between the door and jamb and it keeps the door in place, so you can move your stuff in or out. For the shop, it’s ideal to keep the door open while you bring in heavy stock, without having to juggle trying to keep the door open with your foot.


The Commercial model is simply inserted between the door’s hinge side and the jamb. According to the inventor, this prevents dangerous upward pressure on the door’s hinges.

The Small/Interior model Doorprop can be used on interior doors and works equally well on both hard and carpeted surfaces.


Because of its unique design, this door stop works well, no matter how much space is between the floor and door bottom. It works on hard or soft surfaces, as well.

The Large/Exterior model is designed for larger commercial doors and residential exterior doors. Again, it’s equally effective on hard and soft flooring.


The Large Doorprop is designed for larger doors and is beefier in design.

Doorprop In Action

The inventor even taped an informercial for his product. Very well done, actually.


Doorprop | Opinion

I met the inventor of the Doorprop through Tool Skool’s Dana Wilkerson. He’s a very resourceful guy who saw a need and filled it. He’s a small businessman who works hard at fulfilling the American dream, and he sells these at a very reasonable price.

We’ve used each of these door stops in different situations and they all work. They deliver as advertised. Large hotels are some of Doorprop’s biggest customers. Bellmen use the Commercial model to keep doors from slamming shut on their carts. There’s only one problem – they are constantly coming up missing. Hmmmm…maybe they work a little too well!

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