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Of course, when you think of Dickies, the most likely thing to come to mind is work-wear. Tough work-wear. Well, they decided to take their tough stuff to the next level and launch a line of tool bags and accessories. According to Larry Helton of JS Products, the line-up of bags and accessories is Dickies tough. Helton says that the consumer will get more for the money from this new line-up of gear haulers.

Dickies Tool Bag

The line-up of Dickies Tool Bags promises to be tough-looking and tough on the job.

Take a look at our video preview and then read on for more information on the features of the new Dickies bags.

Dickies Tool Bags | National Hardware Show



Dickies Tool Bag Features

Dickies Tool Bag

It seems to us, after inspecting the goods, that the quality went in before the name went on.

According to the manufacturer, the Dickies bags are tougher than your average bear, featuring a canvas exterior over a polyester interior.

Dickies Tool Bag

The bags have a polyester interior, with a tough canvas exterior for maximum durability.

Web reinforced pockets make it easier to store tools and retrieve them without ripping or wearing through the bag material.

Dickies Tool Bag

The additional webbing sewn around pockets helps protect the pocket edges from abrasion.

Riveted stress-points and steel zippers add another layer of Dickies toughness and durability.

Dickies Tool Bag

Riveted stress points and steel zippers add to the overall quality, according the manufacturer.

Since the line-up also includes a series of Painter’s Bags, there’s really something for everyone.

Dickies Tool Bag

Honestly, these bags look waaay too clean!

Here’s the only problem – they’re still trying to secure distribution at retail in the U.S., which means this is a really big tease. We can say this with certainty – after touching, feeling and inspecting the Dickies Tool Bags, we think they’ll likely be a hit – if they ever hit store shelves. We’ll keep you posted.

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