DeWalt TSTAK Storage System – Review

DeWalt TSTAK Storage System

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DeWalt TSTAK Storage System – Review

We had our First Look at the DeWalt TSTAK Storage System back in June of 2012 – you can see it HERE.

Since then, we’ve had the chance to put the system to use in the shop and we found a lot to like about it, not the least of which is the price. When you compare value per dollar spent, you might find (as we did) that the DeWalt TSTAK System is a pretty decent value.

There are 4 units that comprise the TSTAK Storage System:

  1. TSTAK I – DWST17807: A multi-compartment storage unit with small, divided space in the upper portion and a larger area in the bottom. It’s a nice all-around storage box with room for small parts and tools, in addition to being able to carry a full-sized drill or other power tool. The top’s design makes the unit reasonably water-resistant, as we’ll explain in the video review.
  2. TSTAK II – DWST17808: A single-compartment storage unit designed mostly for delicate or expensive tools that you want to make sure are gently cushioned or otherwise protected. The inside contains ‘pick n pluck’ foam for a custom fit.
  3. TSTAK III – DWST17803: A single-drawer unit with 8 smaller containers inside. The containers’ lids can be opened along a hinge, or removed completely.
  4. TSTAK IV – DWST17804: A two-drawer unit that features removable dividers, allowing you to customize each individual compartment to your needs.

DeWalt’s Storage Design Team put a lot of thought and energy into this system, and they deserve a lot of credit for making some common-sense decisions.

Some Key Features:

DeWalt TSTAK Storage

Metal Drawer Slides on the TSTAK III & TSTAK IV.


DeWalt TSTAK Storage System

Water-resistant lid design on the DeWalt TSTAK I.

DeWalt TSTAK Storage System

8 Containers with hinged lids inside the TSTAK III.


These, along with other smart ideas make for a great, affordable system. Take a look at our complete video review and let us know what you think!

DeWalt TSTAK Storage System



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Amazon Purchase Links

TSTAK I – DWST17808 ($34.99 @ post): CLICK HERE

TSTAK II – DWST17807 ($24.99  @ post): CLICK HERE

TSTAK III – DWST17803 ($39.99  @ post): CLICK HERE

TSTAK IV – DWST17804 ($44.00  @ post): CLICK HERE