DeWalt Folding Utility Knife Model DWHT10035 – Tool Review

DEWALT Folding Retractable Utility Knife

All utility knives are not created equal.

That’s a law of the universe, and I’ve seen it proven hundreds of times. Such is the case with this knife. In the past, I’ve avoided the DeWalt brand for reasons that I will only explain in person. ‘Nuf said. These days, though, I’m becoming much more open about my feelings toward the company. I’m very impressed by this knife for several reasons.

Here’s what I like about the model DWHT10035:

    • Feels solid in your hand.
    • Mechanism is smooth and seems reliable.
    • It can be opened with one hand reasonably easily. Those will smaller mitts than mine may have trouble.
    • It has extra blade storage.

It’s small enough to carry in your pocket, without the fear of it accidentally opening.

DEWALT Folding Utility Knife

Quality Construction of the DeWalt Folding Utility Knife:

Here’s when I really figured this knife was made well, and from quality materials. I’ve been known to leave tools (accidentally) outside overnight. They’ve gotten rained on, snowed on, you name it. I’m not proud of my lazy factor, but it does come in handy when you’re testing out the “tough quotient” of a tool. In this knife’s case, it stayed outside in the rain for several days. I left it on a retaining wall and then went out of town. Imagine my surprise when I got back and the knife a) had no rust anywhere that I could find, and b) it still works perfectly. That’s a test of its construction – and it passed.

How easy is it to change the blade?

I’ve seen reviews on this knife that have criticized its blade installation, blade removal, and the fact that instructions are non-existent. One of my gauges of how intuitive a tool is made is by trying to put it together and/or use it without reading those aforementioned instructions. Again, laziness has its advantages. I didn’t need the instructions to install or remove the blade – it just made sense to me. If it hadn’t, that’s what they created Google for, right?

As for any trouble removing a broken blade, I’ve always been able to do that by depressing the release and giving it a few good whacks against an immovable object. That works with old TVs, too.

In any event, if you’re trying to decide whether this knife is right for you or not, and you realize that it’s less than $10, I’ll think you’ll be pleased with its performance, fit and finish – I certainly have been. And I wasn’t always Yellow’s biggest fan.

To order the DeWalt Folding Utility Knife for under $10 on Amazon: CLICK HERE

For more information on this and other DeWalt tools: DeWalt Website


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