DEWALT Drill / Driver DCD980M2 Review

DEWALT Drill Driver DCD980M2

High Performance Industrial Drill Driver

My old DEWALT heavy duty drill driver finally gave up the ghost.  Honestly, I would have been fine getting parts and trying to fix it, but it probably was time to step it up a bit, and so I decided to give the 20V Max Lithium Ion version a try.  The DEWALT drill/driver (Model DCD980M2) is a big yellow work horse. It’s not super sexy or a tool for those with 12-year old girl arms. That is not to say that it is difficult to maneuver the DCD980M2 around because it has a great feel of balance; it’s a solid tool and with the high torque and long battery life you don’t get a featherweight drill.

DEWALT Drill Driver DCD980M2

DEWALT Drill Driver Model DCD980M2


Weighing in at 5.2lbs and having a length of 9 3/8″, it’s not a super compact tool.  BUT, it IS a heavy duty tool with 3 speeds and 22 clutch settings.   On the specs list, the motor of this drill driver is said to have 535 Unit Watts Out of max power.  I don’t have a surefire method of verifying that, but the reason I wanted this drill and not one of the compact models is I like having confidence that this drill is powerful enough to get just about any job done.  I know that when I pick up this drill, it will complete the task.

DEWALT Drill Driver DCD980M2

3 speed settings and 22 clutch settings

I like the fact that the motor stops turning within a very short time of releasing the trigger. One of my favorite features is the metal, 1/2″ racketing chuck which is fitted with carbide inserts for better gripping strength.  And I can attest that it works.

DEWALT drill DCD980M2

Drill trigger

Video Overview:

As you saw in the video, another favorite feature of mine is the LED light with the delay.  I can light up a darker work space and the light will stay on even if I’m not holding the trigger down.

DEWALT drill driver DCD980M2

Light pattern

Batteries and Charger

I have heard some confusion about the amp hours of the battery but both mine clearly state 4.0Ah.   Also, these are the XR Premium Lithium Ion Batteries, so you are getting longer runtime and more durability.


4.0ah Battery

The indicator light giving the remaining battery charge is helpful and I would like to see mounting holes in the charger so it can be mounted on a wall.


Battery indicator light


Keyhole slots would be a welcome addition

What’s Included In the Kit

The DEWALT Drill Driver DCD980M2 Kit includes the drill driver, 2 20V Max batteries, the DCB101 1 hour charger, the side handle and the kit box.  At the time of this post, this kit ran from $250 – $275.

This DEWALT drill driver is pretty simplistic.  DEWALT put the effort in the power and durability of the tool.  It’s meant to be used on the jobsite and in other industrial applications. I haven’t seen any truly bad reviews on this drill, and I concur.  The DEWALT drill driver, model DCD980M2 is my new go-to drill because it always performs and never gives out.

For more information from DEWALT: CLICK HERE

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