DEWALT 8V Max DCL023 Worklight Review

DEWALT 8V Max DCL023 Worklight

DEWALT 8V Max Worklight Makes 3

A Flashlight is a logical choice to the 8V Max Lineup

DEWALT introduced the 8V Max Gyroscopic Screwdriver over a year ago. And then they added another version of the tool with a conduit reamer shortly after that.   We all assumed that that would launch a full line of 8V Max tools, but so far, we’ve only seen 3. We are still hopeful there are many more to come, but while we wait, here’s my review on the DEWALT 8V Max DCL023 Worklight.

DEWALT 8V Max Worklight

Small, but heavy duty

Flashlight or Worklight?

DEWALT calls it a worklight, I call it a flashlight.  Like a worklight, you can stand it on end and it will stay put all by itself giving out a wide area of light. So I can see it being a worklight in that scenario.  But it’s small enough to be considered a flashlight. It’s compact and lightweight, and will easily fit in your back pocket (I do like the flat sides for that reason, round flashlights are harder to slide into your pocket). So it is the perfect light to keep with you on the jobsite.

DEWALT 8V Worklight DCL023

Small enough to carry in your back pocket.


DEWALT says that you get 5 hours of runtime from the light with a single charge of the battery, and in my tests it was close. It was a bit over 4 hours. I tested it with 2 different batteries several different times and on each test it came out to a smidge (yes, that’s a technical term) over 4 hours. In the final minutes before the battery dies, the light will actually start to flash indicating that you are almost at the end of runtime.   If the flashlight is only being use for a few minutes at a time throughout the work day, you should be able to go a few days without charging the battery.

DEWALT 8V Max Worklight DCL023

Get over 4 hours of runtime with a single charge.


Like other DEWALT products, this flashlight is durable and will withstand drops and bumps on the jobsite and in the toolbox. The black on/off switch is very user friendly and highly visible against the yellow.

DEWALT 8V Max Worklight DCL023 On Off Switch

On / Off switch stands out against DEWALT yellow.

How much light?

According to DEWALT this flashlight has a “bright LED output: 80 lumens”, and I would agree it is bright, especially for such a small tool. The light is output in a 2 zone pattern as seen in the picture below. A broader field for larger work areas and a smaller, brighter light for darker or more compact work spaces such as working on an electrical box.

DEWALT 8V DCL023 Worklight

2 zone light pattern

DEWALT 8V Max DCL023 Worklight

Lights up dark work spaces such as electrical boxes.

Pros and Cons

Overall I think this flashlight is a very good compliment to the 8V Gyroscopic Screwdriver if you already own one of those, so I give it a thumbs up. However, the one downside, is that if you don’t already own the 8V screwdriver, then you might want to wait until you do buy into this battery line before purchasing this worklight. The flashlight DOES NOT come with a battery and charger, so unless you already have those in your toolbox, it becomes a bit pricey to buy the light, plus the battery and charger separately.  That’s really all there is to say about this worklight.  It’s simple in design, but durable like DEWALT.

DEWALT 8V Max Battery and Charger

8V Max Battery and Charger are sold separately.

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