How to Clean Under A Mower Deck

Milwaukee Scraper Blace 49-00-5463

Tool of Choice: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall

Tool Tip: Arm the Hackzall with an Accessory Scraper Blade

Landscaping Professional, Gary Miles sent it a tool tip on how he uses a Milwaukee M12 Hackzall to clean under a mower deck. Gary is a landscaper in Texas and he says, “The combination of caliche clay, dust, and moisture in the grass causes a build up that has the consistency of semi-hard brick.” This is very difficult to remove from the deck and the blades.

Gary Miles

Gary Miles – Landscape Professional in Ft. Worth, TX

Gary has a set-up in his shop where he can lift the mover to make it easier to get under the deck for cleaning, but over the years, he’s tried all kind of methods for removing the hardened debris, including but not limited to chisels, saws, hammers, and various scrapers. According to Gary, everything he tried was either too heavy cumbersome. He needed to come up with a solution that was lightweight yet powerful. He needs to be able to move around easily with whatever tool his is using underneath the large mower decks.

Cleaning Under a Mower Deck

Gary’s shop set-up for cleaning under a mower deck.

Milwaukee Scraper Blade Accessory (49-00-5463)

Since he already had a lot of tools that he used on other projects, Gary started thinking about which one he could use that would be light, yet powerful and he’d be able to use as a scraper. He got online and found the Milwaukee Scraper Blade Accessory designed to fit any Sawzall or Hackzall. He tried a corded Sawzall first, but it just was a bit to bulky for him to easily maneuver to get the job done. But the M12 Hackzall was the perfect tool. Now this is Gary’s go-to combination whenever he’s cleaning the gunk off of the bottom of a mower deck.

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall with Scraper Blade

Gary’s Tool of Choice: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall with the Scraper Blade Accessory


  • As stated, it fits any Sawzall or Hackzall
  • It has an induction hardened blade (which can be resharpened) and a corrosion resistant coating
  • It has chamfered corners which helps to prevent digging into the work material
Milwaukee Scraper Blade for M12 Hackzall

Milwaukee 1 1/2″ Scraper (49-00-5463)


The Milwaukee 1 ½ Inch Scraper Blade is designed for surface prep and material removal in smaller areas or narrow spots where a larger tool just won’t work.

Here are some pictures from Milwaukee of various applications:

Milwaukee Scraper Blade

Scraper blade used with M12 Hackzall to remove vinyl flooring tiles.

Milwaukee Scraper Blade

Scraper blade used with Sawzall to remove paint.

Milwaukee Scraper blade

Removing mastic

Milwaukee Scraper Blade

Removing carpet glue

Milwaukee Scraper Blade

Removing excess mortar between concrete block

For more info on the Milwaukee 1 1/2″ Scraper Blade, and to find retailers: CLICK HERE

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