ClampTite Wire Clamp Making Tool | Preview

SEMA Show 2013

Wire Clamp Tool at SEMA Show

It caught our eye at the SEMA Show as we walked the aisles, looking for the latest, greatest tools. Shawn Early gave us a demonstration and we were immediately hooked, or clamped, as it were. The ClampTite Tool is a clever little contraption that helps you create your own wire clamps in just a few seconds.

Wire Clamp

It looks something like an overgrown hypodermic syringe, but this cleverly designed tool is much more at home in the shop than the doctor’s office.

ClampTite Tool Video Demonstration

Take a look at the ClampTite Tool in action and leave a comment below.

How ClampTite Works

Basically, it looks something like an overgrown syringe. It comes in several different sizes and material configurations, depending on the end-user’s needs.

Wire Clamp

The ClampTite Tools come in several sizes and are made of different materials. Prices range from less than $30 to over $100.

The first step is wrapping the wire (Shawn prefers stainless steel wire) around the workpiece. The wire is looped through itself and can be wrapped around the object multiple times.

Wire Clamp

The first step is wrapping the wire around the object to be clamped.

Wire Clamp

The wire is looped through itself and can be wrapped multiple times around.

Once the wire is in place, the ClampTite Tool is used to apply tension, tightening the wire around the surface of the hose, in this case.

Wire Clamp

The ClampTite Tool is then used to apply pressure on the wire. It tightens evenly around the hose’s surface.

Wire Clamp

Once secure, the wire can be cut and bent.

The tool is then rotated around the clamped workpiece and the wire can be cut and bent to form a tight, secure clamp.

Wire Clamp

It looked pretty secure to us.

According to the manufacturer, the ClampTite creates clamps that are 10 times stronger than a traditional-style clamp. They claim it can be used on air hoses, water lines, and to connect different diameter materials together securely.

Wire Clamp

ClampTite says you can even use their tool to create clamps on air hoses.

As we watched the demo, we were impressed with both the simplicity of the tool and its clever design. Needless to say, we’re looking forward to getting one into the hands of Author X, our automotive guru, to see what he says. Stay tuned.

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