WARN PullzALL Winch & Hoist | Preview

PullzAll – Handiest Tool Ever? That’s a pretty bold question, but the answer would be ‘yes’, especially if you’re a one-man shop or off in the wilderness somewhere and something heavy needs to be moved from one place to another. The PullzAll is a handheld device available in both corded and cordless versions that lets […]

WARN PowerPlant Winch & Compressor | Preview

WARN’s Multi-Tool For Your Rig Few would argue the value and versatility of the basic multi-tool. Whether you need a screwdriver, a knife, pliers, whatever – it’s nice to have them combined in one compact package. That’s the idea behind WARN’s PowerPlant series – you have your handy winch and compressor all in one slick, […]

ClampTite Wire Clamp Making Tool | Preview

Wire Clamp Tool at SEMA Show It caught our eye at the SEMA Show as we walked the aisles, looking for the latest, greatest tools. Shawn Early gave us a demonstration and we were immediately hooked, or clamped, as it were. The ClampTite Tool is a clever little contraption that helps you create your own […]

Big Ass Fans | Preview

Big Ass Fans For Cows? It’s true, Big Ass Fans, formerly known as HVLS Fan Company (High Volume Low Speed), started off making fans for cows, according to Keith McKay. Keith gave us a quick tour of the now more appropriately-named company at the 2013 SEMA/AAPEX Show in Vegas. One thing’s for sure, they make […]

ACDelco AEI1203 Impact Wrench | Preview

ACDelco Corded Impact Wrench At SEMA, the ACDelco booth was buzzing, as usual. We got a first-hand look at their upcoming AEI1203, a monster of a corded impact wrench. It’s due out in the first quarter of 2014, but you’re getting a look at it first from Tool Skool. While we didn’t get to see […]

ACDelco12v Polisher – Headlight Restoration – ARS1207

ACDelco ARS1207R 12v Headlight Restoration Kit The ARS1207 has been around for some time, but ACDelco has plans to take the tool a step further and make it part of a headlight polishing kit. During our trip to SEMA/AAPEX, we got a first-hand look at their plans for this powerful little polishing tool, and we […]

ACDelco ARI1268-3 3/8″ 12v Impact Wrench – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

ACDelco ARI1268-3 3/8″ 12v Impact Wrench – SEMA/AAPEX 2012 ACDelco had quite a few goodies to share with us during our booth visit at the SEMA show. This 3/8″ impact wrench really caught our eye for several reasons: 1400 in-lbs max torque 12v rechargeable power pack – x2 30 minute charge time 4 pole motor […]

Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix – Review

Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known Lauren Fix for probably more years than she cares to remember. I played the role of TV Producer and she, the role of TV Host on a show called Talk2DIY Automotive. That seems like a different lifetime, but it was a bonding […]

ACDelco ARW1201 12v 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

ACDelco ARW1201 12v 3/8″ Ratchet Wrench – SEMA/AAPEX 2012 The ACDelco booth sure was a hotspot for cool tools at the show, as it is every year. In addition to the ACDelco ARW1201 12v Ratchet Wrench, be sure to check out the other ACDelco tools we got a look at: ACDelco Torque Cube ACDelco Inspection […]

Blazer Wireless Towing Lights – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

Blazer Wireless Towing Lights – SEMA/AAPEX 2012 One of life’s great hassles – aside from the actual towing of the vehicle itself – is running the wiring harness from the towing vehicle to the one being towed. At this year’s SEMA/AAPEX Show, we may have found some relief. Blazer Wireless Towing Lights (C6304) come in […]