Milwaukee M18 Expansion for 2014

Milwaukee New Product Symposium 2014 – Milwaukee M18 Expansions Each year Milwaukee Tools puts on a heck of a press event. Most of the online and print publications you know and love send representatives to see all of the new tools that Milwaukee will be launching in the next few months to a year. And […]

2014 Bosch Tools Press Event

Bosch Innovation Experience at 2014 World of Concrete in Las Vegas Last week I attended the World of Concrete Show in Las Vegas on behalf of Tool Skool.  I’ve always heard very good things about this particular trade show, but have never had the opportunity to attend before now.  The JSHA PR and Marketing Team, […]

Bosch Mortar Removal Knife

Bosch Mortar Knife Employs Industry-First Design for Mortar-Removal Precision, Increased Speed Blunt tip delivers deeper plunge while protecting brick, block and stone; sharpened blade edge cuts mortar and removes debris faster Note from Tool Skool: We got a look at this mortar knife accessory at World of Concrete last week, and hope to actually get […]

Pelican ProGear Ice Chest Cooler | Preview

Pelican Coolers – Made in the USA No job site is truly complete until the ice chest is packed and ready for lunch or Friday afternoon. Pelican apparently understands that idiom and has an entire line of coolers designed with both the weekend and the contractor in mind. And did we mention they’re Made in […]

WARN PullzALL Winch & Hoist | Preview

PullzAll – Handiest Tool Ever? That’s a pretty bold question, but the answer would be ‘yes’, especially if you’re a one-man shop or off in the wilderness somewhere and something heavy needs to be moved from one place to another. The PullzAll is a handheld device available in both corded and cordless versions that lets […]

WARN PowerPlant Winch & Compressor | Preview

WARN’s Multi-Tool For Your Rig Few would argue the value and versatility of the basic multi-tool. Whether you need a screwdriver, a knife, pliers, whatever – it’s nice to have them combined in one compact package. That’s the idea behind WARN’s PowerPlant series – you have your handy winch and compressor all in one slick, […]

ClampTite Wire Clamp Making Tool | Preview

Wire Clamp Tool at SEMA Show It caught our eye at the SEMA Show as we walked the aisles, looking for the latest, greatest tools. Shawn Early gave us a demonstration and we were immediately hooked, or clamped, as it were. The ClampTite Tool is a clever little contraption that helps you create your own […]

Big Ass Fans | Preview

Big Ass Fans For Cows? It’s true, Big Ass Fans, formerly known as HVLS Fan Company (High Volume Low Speed), started off making fans for cows, according to Keith McKay. Keith gave us a quick tour of the now more appropriately-named company at the 2013 SEMA/AAPEX Show in Vegas. One thing’s for sure, they make […]

RoboReel Motorized Garden Hose Reel | Preview

RoboReel Hose Reel | NHS 2013 From the ingenious minds at Great Stuff, Inc., comes the RoboReel Motorized Garden Hose Reel. It’s nothing short of a mechanical marvel, and besides that – it’s just plain fun to play with and watch. For the unfamiliar, the concept is simple. The RoboReel unit contains 100 feet of […]

ACDelco AEI1203 Impact Wrench | Preview

ACDelco Corded Impact Wrench At SEMA, the ACDelco booth was buzzing, as usual. We got a first-hand look at their upcoming AEI1203, a monster of a corded impact wrench. It’s due out in the first quarter of 2014, but you’re getting a look at it first from Tool Skool. While we didn’t get to see […]