Klever Kutter Package & Box Cutter

Klever Kutter Box Cutter Preview Here’s another find from the 2012 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. This “Klever” little tool opens packages and boxes that have been secured with packing tape. Sure, you could use a single-edged razor blade or box cutter to do the job, but you risk damaging the contents of the […]

Coast A5 LED Flashlight

Coast A5 Flashlight Review I received this flashlight at the Coast booth in Las Vegas at the Hardware Show this year. My first thought was, “how cute…it’s like a flashlight, only smaller”. Looks can certainly be deceiving! This light packs a true wallop. I know, only 26 lumens…whatever. It’s the perfect light to keep in […]

NOMAR Clamp Pads Preview

NOMAR Clamp Pads Accessory Efraim Shapiro brought his wares to the National Hardware Show in hope of finding both buyers and distributors. His NOMAR Clamp Pads are an ingenious design and help solve a common problem – those annoying divots left behind when using bar clamps on soft wood. In the past, I’ve used small […]

3D Ruler Stepped Measuring Tool

3D Ruler Measuring Tool Preview We met Efraim Shapiro at the Hardware Show. He’s an inventor with a couple of great ideas for the workshop and around the house. This is his first – the 3D Ruler. It has multiple uses that are really limited only by the user’s imagination. We’re always cheering for the […]

4LTX Shelf Bracket by Mladen

4LTX Shelf Bracket – Preview Mladen (like Aladdin, but with a “MMM” sound in front) is an interesting guy – and not someone I would consider shy. He approached us at the National Hardware Show and demonstrated his new product – a shelf bracket that works with 3/4″ wood and doesn’t require nails or screws. […]

Kreg Shelf Pin Jig Preview

Kreg Jig Shelf Pin Drilling Jig We watched them demo this at the show and were thoroughly impressed. It appears to comprise the same clever elements and quality that other Kreg jigs offer and at a reasonable price. The system looks simple enough to use and makes creating shelf pin holes easy. We created one […]

Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide | First Look

Kreg Rip-Cut Circular Saw Guide We can always count on Kreg to come up with innovative new jigs and tools for the shop. They didn’t disappoint again this year at the show. They debuted a couple new products, one of which is this circular saw guide. It seemed fairly straightforward in both installation and use. […]

Stilletto Tool Stories – From The National Hardware Show

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series:   We’ve always been a fan of Stilletto hammers and tools since the days of DIY Tools & Techniques when they were our guest on the show. As a matter of fact, it was Andrea Ridout (askandrea.com) who made the introduction. Since that time (too many years […]

Hidden in Plain Sight Safe – Tool Review First Look

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series:   Shhhhh! We found this little jewel in the same room as First Alert’s OneLink Security System. This is something I remember having years ago and thinking it was a likely place to hide, well…you know. Being the guy I am, I would never do that, but […]

Stor-A-Hitch Trailer Hitch Storage Tool – Tool Review First Look

2012 National Hardware Show – First Look Series: Find a need and fill it. That’s exactly what these smart guys have done. Jim Rendaci and his business partner came up with a tidy, inexpensive solution for storing your trailer hitch when not in use. They were in the process of marketing the Stor-A-Hitch at this […]