DriCAT Neck it – Review

I tested and reviewed a very cool gadget from EK Ekcessories a few months ago, called the iCAT Neck It, and I’ve used it at every trade show since, and on a lot of video shoots where I needed my phone handy but needed my hands free.  EK Ekcessories has a whole line of great […]

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard – Tool Review

iCat Reel It iPhone Lanyard You know the sound – it’s unmistakable. The sound when you drop your iPhone and it hits the ground in just such a way. It’s the sound of thousands of tiny micro-cracks spreading across your once-glorious screen. If it lands face-down, there’s a moment (albeit short-lived) in which you try […]

Craftsman Folding Clench Wrench

Craftsman Clench Wrench Review Strangely, we discovered this tool at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. Apparently, they decided that the crowds wandering the aisles of gadgets and electronic toys would also welcome some hand tools and accessories. Thinking outside the box pays off, because thousand and thousands were introduced to this unique design, including […]

Review – iCat Neck It by EK EKcessories

iCat Neck It by EK Accesories Walking up and down the aisles at 2012 International CES, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the accessories there for iPhones and iPads.  There were literally thousands of cases, lots of protective screens, cases, etc., but one thing stood out and caught my attention, especially for people like […]