Bosch Colt Palm Router Plunge Base -PR20EVSK – First Look

Bosch Colt Palm Router Plunge Base – First Look   I’ve been a big fan of “trim routers” for many years. Funny, I think I used it to trim laminate about 4 times. The rest of the time, it was a great woodworking tool for adding profiles and cutting small grooves. I always thought it […]

Bosch Pin Nailer (FNS138-23) – First Look

Bosch Pin Nailer FNS138-23 – First Look Pin nailers have been around awhile, although they still have a ways to go to come anywhere near market saturation. As a matter of fact, there are those who’ve never heard of such an animal – such a pity, since they’re one of the coolest tools on the […]

Bosch CM12 Portable Miter Saw – First Look

Bosch CM12 Portable Miter Saw At the 2012 Bosch Media Event, we got a sneak peek at several new tools, not yet on the market (but they’re coming soon). One of them is another example of Bosch’s commitment to the jobsite contractor and carpenter. The new Bosch CM12 Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw is designed […]

Bosch TC10 Wet Tile Saw

Bosch TC10 Wet Tile Saw – First Look Bosch never fails to exceed most expectations at their annual Media Event and this year brought us one of the coolest surprises of all – their entry into the tile saw category. Jason Feldner is the Product Manager for this tool and gives us the rundown on […]

Bosch Daredevil Blade Overview with Joe the Pro

Bosch Daredevil Blade Overview As they say in the fashion industry, “It’s all in how you accessorize.” The same holds true in the world of tools. The best, most expensive in the world can leave you with a crappy cut if you use a crappy blade. Pretty straightforward and a basic fact of the universe. […]

Bosch JS572E & JS572EB Jig Saws – Tool Review

Bosch JS572E & JS572EB Jig Saws ToolSkool attended the 2012 Bosch Media Event near Chicago. During the trip, we were treated to the latest and greatest that Bosch is ready to spring on the world – some of which we can’t even tell you about yet! What we can say is that they’ve taken a […]