EasyEdge Powered Paint Edger | Video Preview

Black & Decker EasyEdge During our time producing DIY Tools & Techniques, and other shows prior to that, we had a mantra: “Never put a paint sprayer or gadget to the test during a live show. The reason? It never ends well. and there’s usually paint everywhere by the time you’re done.” With that in […]

Bench Cookie Bridge | Paint Accessory Review

Rockler Bench Cookie Bridge Review This could be a painter’s best friend, and as someone who’s been a professional painter for the better part of a few decades, I should know. On a recent project, I got to use the little plastic wonders while I was painting the fascia board for an old guest house. […]

Shur Line Pour & Store Paint Can Lid

Shur Line GalStore Lid Review Quick, what’s the biggest pain in the backside whenever you have to pour paint or stain from a gallon container? If you said, “The MESS and cleanup”, you get 10 points and a shop towel. And you’ll love the GalStore and Pour Paint Lid from Shur Line. I’ve used several […]

Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rockler – Tool Review

I love doing tool reviews on tools that really bring on “Ah-hah!”, and “Why didn’t I think of that?” moments!  The Mixing Mate Paint Lid from Rocker is one of those tools.  We all know that painting is one of the easiest ways to change or update the look of any room and it’s not […]