Ryobi Tek4 Self-Leveling Laser – Tool Review

This is my first review of any of the Tek4 line from Ryobi. So far, I’m impressed. Yes, it’s a consumer brand, but this laser has some pretty cool pro features at a fraction of the cost of a professional laser tool. That being said, the first thing I do when I take a new […]

Stanley Bostitch Aluminum Chalk Reel (47-494) – Tool Review

Stanley Bostitch Aluminum Chalk Reel (47-494) There are a couple of basic tools that we all tend to buy multiple times over the years: caulk guns, chalk lines and putty knives to name a few.  But, there aren’t a lot of reviews out about tools like this.  Maybe because they are so simple in design […]

ThingaMeJig Scribing Tool – Tool Review

  What’s in a name? When it comes to marketing and sales, everything. A friend of mine (Billy Carmen – mad scientist and purveyor of cool stuff at ProductNewsChannel.com) told me about this tool and thought I’d like it. He hit the nail on the head…or hit the Doohickey thing with the ThingaMeJig. Whatever the […]

Milwaukee 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager – First Look

Here’s another example of a tool that almost makes me want to become a maintenance supervisor. Almost. Wilwaukee’s 2260-21 160×120 Thermal Imager is fun to simply play with, but with a $2500 retail price tag, it’s no toy. It is, however, pretty much straight out of a Star Trek episode. It takes thermal images and […]

3D Ruler Stepped Measuring Tool

3D Ruler Measuring Tool Preview We met Efraim Shapiro at the Hardware Show. He’s an inventor with a couple of great ideas for the workshop and around the house. This is his first – the 3D Ruler. It has multiple uses that are really limited only by the user’s imagination. We’re always cheering for the […]

Rockler Universal Clamp It Kit – Tool Review

Rockler Universal Clamp It Kit Another clamp? Really? Actually, the Rockler Universal Clamp It Kit is different – in a good way. Rockler’s latest gadgety offering comes in kit form. Right out of the box, you’ll find 2 clamps and a sturdy polycarbonate assembly square. To answer your logical first question – yes, it’s really […]

Swanson Lightning Level – Review

Swanson Lightning Level: Here’s another of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” products. There have been countless situations in the past where I struggled to see the bubble; cramped in a tight dark corner of a construction project, mostly. These days, between my eyesight not being what it used to be and those same […]

Review – Bostitch Announces the First Line of Clamping Levels

Recently we attended the Stanley / Bostitch Press Event in New York, NY to introduce new tools coming out from Stanley, Bostitch, Porter-Cable, and a couple from Dewalt.  Over the next few weeks we hope to test several of these and bring you the latest information on what’s coming out and if and why you […]