DeWalt DCL040 20v MAX LED Flashlight

DeWalt DCL040 20v MAX LED Flashlight We thought that sunny Florida would be the perfect place to test the strengths and weaknesses of a flashlight. I mean, if a flashlight can pull its weight in the bright Florida sunshine, it should be able to illuminate just about any project you have planned. The DCL040 is […]

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013 Pelican always has the coolest stuff and we always walk away from their booth wanting one of everything. Good thing I’m not greedy! The 9420 LED Work Light is a masterpiece of modern engineering, just due to the way it manages to collapse into a carrying […]

DeWalt DWHT70440 Headlamp Review

DeWalt DWHT70440 Headlamp This has been one of the handiest “hands-free” flashlights I’ve ever used. The DeWalt DWHT70440 has some very thoughtful features that make it a breeze to use on the job site, or on a TV production (as I discovered recently). The LED is extremely powerful and puts out plenty of light for […]

Ryobi Tek4 LED Utility Light (RP4410) – Review

Ryobi Tek4 Utility Light Review When the Ryobi Tek4 Utility Light (RP4410) first arrived for review, I wasn’t sure it was all that and a bag of chips… I mean it was cute and all, but it was a little light no bigger than my hand.  I should have known that good things come in […]

Bayco NSR-9910 Nightstick Flashlight – SEMA/AAPEX 2012

Bayco NSR-9910 Nightstick Flashlight We found the Bayco NSR-9910 Nightstick Flashlight from a distance at the 2012 SEMA/AAPEX Show – shining like a…well, you get the point. Several things made this flashlight cool. The foremost being the downward-facing flood beam that added another dimension to the tool. We had never before seen one like it, […]

Ryobi Tek4 4-Volt Lithium-Ion LED Flashlight RP4400 – Tool Review

Ryobi RP4400 LED Flashlight Review First Impressions This is not going to be the lengthiest review that you’ve ever read, because there’s really nothing negative to say about this little flashlight.  It’s a compact flashlight (about 4 ½”) but it packs a powerful punch.  It’s pretty simplistic in design… just an off –on switch.It runs […]

Coast A5 LED Flashlight

Coast A5 Flashlight Review I received this flashlight at the Coast booth in Las Vegas at the Hardware Show this year. My first thought was, “how cute…it’s like a flashlight, only smaller”. Looks can certainly be deceiving! This light packs a true wallop. I know, only 26 lumens…whatever. It’s the perfect light to keep in […]

Coast CE7124HGB Lantern 4D Emergency Area Light – Tool Review

Coast CE7124HGB Lantern LEDs have certainly changed the way the the world sees things. I really wish we’d have waited on the CFL rush for LED technology to settle down in structure and price, because it is truly the way to go. This lantern from Coast stands as proof in my eyes. It’s a lightweight, […]

Coast HL7 LED Headlamp

Coast HL7 LED Headlamp Review Headlamps are extremely handy to keep in your tool box, glove box, closet, workshop….actually just about everywhere. The fact is, you’re going to need it at some point – it’s not “if”, it’s “when”. This headlamp has some handy features that make it a standout. Coast HL7 LED Headlamp Features […]

LED Light Panels – Tool Review (video)

You can find literally dozens of uses for these LED Light Panels.  They snap together to make a large panel, or you can use them individually.  The lights are perfect for videos, photography, shop lighting, work lighting, and more.  They are bright and relatively inexpensive when compared to other brands on the market.  Check out […]