Klein® Tools Coax Cable Cutter Preview

Klein® Tools Introduces Its Coax Cable Cutter Engineered to Cut Copper-Clad Steel Cable Multi-functional tool includes shears to cut common wires and cables Editor’s Note: When we visited the new “heat treat facility” in Mansfield, TX earlier this year, one of the things that Klein asked us to help them with was getting the message […]

Snap-On 1/2 Inch Drive Shallow Impact Socket

New Snap-on 1/2-Inch Drive Shallow Impact Socket a “Must Have” For Servicing Honda, Acura Vehicles KENOSHA, Wis. – January 9, 2014 –The new Snap-on® 1/2-inch Drive 16mm 10-point Shallow Impact Socket (DPSM16) for servicing 10-point rear lower control arm bolts on Honda and Acura vehicles is the ideal tool to help technicians service these vehicles. […]

Festool Carvex PSC 420 EB Jig Saw | Review

Carvex PSC 420 EBQ Jig Saw Without a doubt, this jig saw has more options than I’ve ever seen on just about any saw. Hands-down. Period. If that sounds like something that’s right up your alley and you don’t mind studying the instruction manual, read on. Festool Video Review I teamed up with Todd Fratzel […]

Milwaukee Bottle Opener & Wire Stripper

Milwaukee Bottle Opener Because nothing says “Party” like mixing beer and 120 volts. That’s a joke, of course. We all know that dealing with electricity is no laughing matter and you should never drink and strip….wire, that is. The proceeding message was brought to you by the Tool Skool Legal Department. Milwaukee Bottle Opener Features […]

DEWALT Ratcheting T Handle Set

Review of the DEWALT Ratcheting T Handle Set (DHWHT70265) Rick Allen here from ToolSkool’s Southern and Eastern Command, today I am reviewing DEWALTS DHWHT70265 – 31 piece Ratcheting T Handle Set.  Now normally I will repeat the official title of the tool throughout the review, but this one is a bit of a tongue twister, […]

DeWalt Mechanics Tools – Preview

DeWalt vs Craftsman Tools Move over, Craftsman – there’s a new sheriff in town, maybe. During the DeWalt/Sears Press Event at this year’s National Hardware Show, we were told that DeWalt Mechanics Tools would find a new home at Sears – right next to the Craftsman brand. Can you say ‘awkward’? I dunno, it just […]

Milwaukee Hollow Shaft Nut Drivers

Milwaukee 4PC SAE Nut Driver Set Hollow shaft nut drivers aren’t new, in case you’re wondering. They’ve been around for awhile, out of necessity. The difference with these is the Milwaukee branding. When a company with a well-known brand decides to jump into the hand tool market, they’d better be  sure they aren’t just another […]

SOG Multi-tool: Paratool S31-N

SOG Paratool brings 14 tools to your pocket When you think about multi-tools, the word “Leatherman” most likely comes to mind.  After all, it’s sort of like the word “Kleenex” is to tissue , or “Velcro” is to hook and loop (who knew the other brands were called hook and loop tape?).  But there are […]

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – Tool Box Worthy?

Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – Tool Review Just when you thought they couldn’t think of anything else to stick a light on, along comes the Craftsman LED Lighted Pliers – a whole set of them, as a matter of fact. Is it gimmicky? Yes. Do they work? Yes. Should you buy them? Hmmmm…read on and […]

Stanley 14 in 1 Folding Locking Multi-Tool (STHT70695)

Stanley 14 in 1 Multi-tool Overview: Stanley has always been a leader in innovation in hand tools, and the STHT70695 14 in 1 Multi-Tool is no exception.  It’s one of those tools that makes you wonder how you ever got along without one before now.   Compact and lightweight (it’s a bit bigger than a pocket […]