Introducing GenTent Safety Canopies

Don’t Let Weather Kill Your Power Here in Texas, it’s been a very wet spring. We have had the most rainfall in the month of May since records have been kept. And along with the rain, there have been storms, flooding, power outages, and all around nasty weather. But, those inclement conditions made me think, […]

Senco ProFlex Air Hose PC0978 Review

Senco ProFlex 1/4″ x 100′ Reinforced Polyurethane Air Hose Versatile, Lightweight, and Durable When you are working with pneumatic tools, you can’t overlook accessories, like an air hose.  There are many positives about the ProFlex PC0978.  This air hose is a versatile and compact option for any job site or workshop. It combines light weight […]

Spyder Hole Saw with Rapid Core Ejection | Review

Lose the Screwdriver? Once a mainstay for plug removal from hole saws, the screwdriver, Spyder has put an end to this rocky relationship with the introduction of the Rapid Core Ejection system. Rapid – Check Core Ejection – Check System – Check – It also has a Rapid Switch component. How it Works The operation […]

How to Clean Under A Mower Deck

Tool of Choice: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Tool Tip: Arm the Hackzall with an Accessory Scraper Blade Landscaping Professional, Gary Miles sent it a tool tip on how he uses a Milwaukee M12 Hackzall to clean under a mower deck. Gary is a landscaper in Texas and he says, “The combination of caliche clay, dust, and […]

Spyder Rapid Core Eject Hole Saw | Preview

Spyder Products Unveils Hole Saws with Unique Features that Cut Up to 10X Faster Patented Rapid Core Eject™ System Provides Unmatched Efficiency (North Kansas City, Mo.) – September, 2014 – Spyder Products recently launched the latest tools in its innovative portfolio of power tool accessories with the introduction of its Spyder Bi-Metal Hole Saws and […]

CordLatch Prevents Extension Cords from Pulling Apart | Review

CordLatch keeps you connected. Saving time, which also saves money. One of life’s little annoyances is being in the middle of a job and pulling on the cord to whatever tool you are using and having it pull apart from the extension cord. It’s frustrating to have to turn the tool off, stop and find […]

Spyder Skeleton™ Jig Saw Blade Preview

Unique Design Features of Skeleton™ Jig Saw Blades Result in Cleaner, Straighter, Cooler Cuts KANSAS CITY (May 20, 2014) – Spyder Tools, a leading manufacturer of innovative power tool accessories, has raised the bar again with the introduction of Skeleton Jig Saw Blades. These blades feature a number of unique design elements that produce a […]

Hole Saw Overview

Which Hole Saw Is Right for Your Application? There are plenty of ways to make a hole in a variety of materials – it really comes down to is how large the hole needs to be, how many holes, how clean the cut needs to be and how quickly it needs to be cut. For […]

Spyder Skeleton Jig Saw Blade Review

Spyder Skeleton Jig Saw Blade Unique Design The unique blade design is what caught my eye, the rectangular channels throughout, and their promise of 100% straight cuts without losing my cool but, it was the speed with which I could tear through materials that really impressed me.  Here’s a diagram from Spyder that explains why […]

Milwaukee® Shockwave™ Thin Wall Hole Saws Preview

Milwaukee® Shockwave™ Thin Wall Hole Saws: 40% Faster Cuts, 2X Life MILWAUKEE, WI – Milwaukee Tool continues to deliver game-changing solutions for the professional with the introduction of SHOCKWAVE™ Thin Wall Hole Saws. Providing up to 40% faster burr-free cuts than standard bi-metal hole saws, and delivering up to 2X longer life than the competition, […]