Milwaukee Heated Jacket 2345 | Review

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review Two words – heated pockets. OK, review done and we can all go home. Seriously, what a great idea! This new and improved heated jacket from Milwaukee is the perfect example of how a company that pioneered the heated jacket line is striving to stay ahead of the curve – and […]

Doorprop Door Stops | Product Review

Doorprop Door Stops | Simply Brilliant They work. Period. You can stop reading here and get one (or several) if you’re on the fence about the decision. Or you can keep reading to find out more about these brilliantly simple chunks of molded rubber can be used to prop open any door, according to the […]

Brumbo Tools eXtreem Knee Pads – Video Preview

eXtreem Knee Pads Airline seats and knee pads have at least one thing in common – neither are comfortable, usually. That’s why we wanted to take a look at Brumbo Tools’ eXtreem Knee Pads and find out if they were truly different, or just another gimmick. National Hardware Show Preview We spent a few minutes […]

Milwaukee M12 Heated Gear – Video Preview

Milwaukee Heated Jacket | M12 Heated Gear Without question, one of Milwaukee Tool’s most popular products is their lineup of M12 heated gear. It all started with the basic Milwaukee M12 Heated Jacket that changed the way we dressed for everything from winter job sites to fall football games. In 2013, Milwaukee continues to expand […]

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light – Video Preview

Milwaukee M12 LED Stick Light Preview We are fortunate enough to be invited to different events to preview new tools, either before they are on the market, or right after they’ve been released.  At this year’s Milwaukee 2013 Media Preview, there were literally dozens of things to see, and while we won’t be able to […]

Eton FRX3 Weather Alert Radio

Eton Weather Radio FRX3 – CES 2013 Weather is unpredictable. That is an understatement and the main reason it’s a good idea to have at least one (if not several) weather radios in your shop, home, or office. At the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, we had the chance to look at Eton’s […]

Craftsman C3 19.2V Cordless LED Light (17601) Review

  One of the most popular categories in tools right now is the “add-on” tool.  What that means is that if you buy a certain battery platform and a tool line to go with it, then you can add on specialty tools and in most cases they won’t cost you a fortune, because you are […]

Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater – Review

Mr. Heater Hero 60 MH60CLP Propane Heater Few things in life are worse than a cold workshop. OK, there may be some, but not many. It’s tough to be productive and creative when your fingers are numb. Thank goodness for Mr. Heater. We discovered this cordless wonder at the National Hardware Show, after hearing about […]

DeWalt DCL040 20v MAX LED Flashlight

DeWalt DCL040 20v MAX LED Flashlight We thought that sunny Florida would be the perfect place to test the strengths and weaknesses of a flashlight. I mean, if a flashlight can pull its weight in the bright Florida sunshine, it should be able to illuminate just about any project you have planned. The DCL040 is […]

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013

Pelican 9420 Remote Area Work Light | CES 2013 Pelican always has the coolest stuff and we always walk away from their booth wanting one of everything. Good thing I’m not greedy! The 9420 LED Work Light is a masterpiece of modern engineering, just due to the way it manages to collapse into a carrying […]