Garden Bench Project – Instructional Video

How to Build a Garden Bench Here’s a project that has a few challenges, but is still fairly simple to knock out over a weekend. As a bonus, it does double-duty as a storage chest for gardening tools and supplies. We made ours from pressure treated southern pine, so it stands up to the elements. […]

Redneck Shop Project – Tools In Action

  Here’s a little history on this project: The guys at asked me to create and produce a shop tip or project for an upcoming “secret project” of theirs. If you’re not familiar with Eric and Dan, let me just say that they’re always full of surprises and their site is a true pleasure […]

Bulletin Board – Shop Project

          Come on, who doesn’t need a bulletin board? It’s what everyone used before iCal. And the best part about this – the battery never goes dead! This is another way to kill a couple of days in the shop and come out on the other side with a gift for […]

Serving Tray – Shop Project

Nothing says love like a meal served on this serving tray. If you want to be happy and fill everyone else’ life with happiness, you’ll build this tray – now. Besides, it’s a great way to take some time for yourself and your tools. That’s why you bought them – to make things, right? So […]

Plant Stand – Shop Project

Plants lead the life, don’t they? Someone is always there to take care of them, water and feed them. All they have to do is sit there. That’s why it’s so important to give them a place to do just that. Which brings us to wonder, why don’t they call these things Plant Sits? I […]

Planter Box – Shop Project

          A planter box makes the perfect gift for any occasion. What? OK, no it doesn’t, but they can be a lot of fun to build. Just imagine the quality time you could spend in the shop building this planter. Just you, some wood, and your tools. It might be nice […]

Potting Table – Shop Project

          Everyone needs a potting table. Where else would you pot if you didn’t have one? That’s why this project is so vital to the survival of humanity, so do your part to keep civilization going as we know it. It’ll take you the better part of a weekend if you […]

Garden Bench – Shop Project

          Gardens and benches are like peanut butter and jelly – hopefully without the allergic reaction felt by some. This garden bench is not only comfortable, but sturdy as well. It holds my substantial backside without the slightest hint of a sag. No Staggs Sag, in other words. Grab some pressure-treated […]

Picnic Table – Shop Project

          Nothing brings back memories of a perfect childhood like a Perfect Picnic Table. What makes this picnic table perfect? Come on, just take a look and the answer is obvious. Isn’t it? It’s a simple design with nice details and a really slick color scheme. There are only a couple […]

Porch Bed Swing – Shop Project

            How to Make A Porch Bed Swing: Who wouldn’t want one of these to relax in on a hot summer afternoon? And have you checked the prices on these lately? They go skyward of $3000 in some cases, which is why we’ll show you how to make one for […]