Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Winter During the Fall

Make Winter Easier and Spring Bloom Faster Note from the Editor: This particular post is sponsored by Sears, however all the views within the post are those of the author. Information on some Craftsman Products has been provided by representatives of Sears and Crafsman. Just because the leaves are falling and the grass has stopped […]

How To Install a Programmable Thermostat

Want Energy Savings?  Install a Programmable Thermostat One of the simplest, least expensive, and fastest ways to start saving energy dollars immediately is by installing a programmable thermostat to control your home’s HVAC system. Not only can it take the bite out of high utility bills, but it can actually solve arguments over who gets […]

How To Adjust a Sticking Door

Problem: Sticking Door What makes the door stick in the first place? Sticking doors are one of life’s annoyances. I have a friend who simply stopped using an exterior door at her house because it sticks so badly. She nailed it shut. While that certainly eliminated the annoyance (she never fights with the door anymore), […]

How To Seal Outlets and Switchplates

Sealing Electrical Outlets and Switchplates Energy Saving Tips: They seem so small and innocent, but in larger numbers,  outlets can be energy thieves. Think of each one as being a hole venting directly to the outside of your home…and it could be as big as half an inch! When you add up the number of […]

Cedar Lined Closet Tips

Creating a Cedar Lined Closet: Tips and Tricks to give it a finished look For step-by-step instructions for installing cedar planks in a closet: CLICK HERE For Tips and Tricks to finish the closet, keep reading… Creating/Repairing The Tongue In some cases, you’ll find planks that either have an uneven or non-existent tongue on their […]

Cedar Lined Closet – Project

Step-by-step instructions for installing cedar planks in a closet: I love the smell of cedar. There’s just something about opening the closet door and having that scent waft toward me that’s calming. Maybe it’s because of those old cedar chests my grandmother had – the ones that held all the winter clothes in the summer […]

How To Drain a Pool Using Rescue Tape

Draining a Pool with the Help of Rescue Tape The Job at Hand: My task was to drain my 20,00 gallon pool in order to effect some plaster repair. Usually I rent a pump and it has all the needed accessories including a drain hose. Knowing that I would be needing to remove not only […]

How to Change a Refrigerator Filter

Spring Maintenance: Change Your Refrigerator Filter: Most modern refrigerators offer options for ice or water (or both) in the door or at least an ice maker in the freezer.   And to ensure you have the best tasting ice and water possible, there is a filter built right into the refrigerator.  These filters need to be […]

Putting Together a Basic Tool Kit

Putting Together a Basic Tool Kit Tool Skool’s very own Brad Staggs is featured on a Home Improvement episode of Talk of the Town on Nashville’s News Channel 5.  In this segment of the show, Brad shows what tools should be brought together to make a basic home improvement tool box. Take a look and […]

Home Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Tool Skool’s Brad Staggs appeared on the Nashville CBS affiliate’s Talk of the Town recently.  In this segment of the show, Brad gives his tips for winterizing your home.  These tips, and many more, can be found in his book Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements. Here are some of the tips Brad shared: Cover ’em Up! […]