How To Install a Programmable Thermostat

Want Energy Savings?  Install a Programmable Thermostat One of the simplest, least expensive, and fastest ways to start saving energy dollars immediately is by installing a programmable thermostat to control your home’s HVAC system. Not only can it take the bite out of high utility bills, but it can actually solve arguments over who gets […]

How To Seal Outlets and Switchplates

Sealing Electrical Outlets and Switchplates Energy Saving Tips: They seem so small and innocent, but in larger numbers,  outlets can be energy thieves. Think of each one as being a hole venting directly to the outside of your home…and it could be as big as half an inch! When you add up the number of […]

Sealing Air Leaks in Exterior Walls – Energy Saving Project

Sealing Air Leaks in Exterior Walls This is one of the simplest energy saving projects you can tackle this weekend. By sealing up penetrations in your home’s exterior walls,  you’ll help prevent air infiltration into and out of your house. If you look around the outside of your home, you’ll likely find electrical conduit and […]

Home Energy Saving Tips for Winter

Tool Skool’s Brad Staggs appeared on the Nashville CBS affiliate’s Talk of the Town recently.  In this segment of the show, Brad gives his tips for winterizing your home.  These tips, and many more, can be found in his book Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements. Here are some of the tips Brad shared: Cover ’em Up! […]