Deck Stain Tip – Bush Tieback

Paint & Stain Tip For Decks OK, this may seem overly simple, but we’ve all been on a job where we’ve had to improvise at a moment’s notice. That’s when it’s important to be creative, or at least pretend to be.   Deck Stain Tip – Keep It Neat While we were working on a […]

Jobsite Utility Work Table

Portable Jobsite Work Table This is actually the brainchild of Dana Wilkerson, our resident remodeling contractor. Turns out he’s not just another ugly face with a set of tools…he’s actually pretty smart, but don’t tell him or he’ll get a big head. It Folds; Plywood Doesn’t Dana carries a plastic folding table like this to […]

HVAC Construction Filter

Saving Money On A Job First and foremost, our job as professionals in the construction industry is to make sure our clients receive a top-quality product commensurate with the money they’ve paid us. Also included in that payment is our profit margin, however small it may seem to be getting. One of the ways we […]

Wood Trim Alternative

MDF As Wood Trim Alternative I’ve been using MDF (medium density fiberboard) for years as both trim and other components in building projects. Sure, you can get simple profiles in the trim section of your favorite lumber yard, but by buying sheets, you can create custom trim profiles & columns. MDF in Use I’ve used […]

Job Site Bucket Tool From Scraps

Tools From Trash – Bill’s Bucket Tool I’ve known Bill Warren since I was 8 years old. He was old then, much older than me. He used to be able to pick me up and hang me by my feet – he can’t do that now, thankfully. One thing hasn’t changed – his ability to […]

Save Time and Money on Cabinet Installation

Planning Cabinet Layout Saves Aggravation Failing to plan is planning to fail. Those words can be a painful echo in our heads when we get to a point in a job and realize the cabinets we ordered for a remodel will extend about 6 inches into a doorway. The homeowner is probably not going to […]

Faster Drywall Spot Sanding

Finish Drywall Sanding – Quick Tip Spot sanding drywall can be a tedious task, even on the best day. Here’s a tip from an “Old-Timer” in the business that makes it a little faster. At the very least, it takes some of the guess work out of knowing where to put the sanding block. Mixing […]