Top 5 Tips to Prepare for Winter During the Fall

Make Winter Easier and Spring Bloom Faster Note from the Editor: This particular post is sponsored by Sears, however all the views within the post are those of the author. Information on some Craftsman Products has been provided by representatives of Sears and Crafsman. Just because the leaves are falling and the grass has stopped […]

How To Install a Programmable Thermostat

Want Energy Savings?  Install a Programmable Thermostat One of the simplest, least expensive, and fastest ways to start saving energy dollars immediately is by installing a programmable thermostat to control your home’s HVAC system. Not only can it take the bite out of high utility bills, but it can actually solve arguments over who gets […]

Tool Tip: Repair a Circuit Board

Replace or Repair? A friend has a Grizzly G0459 12” baby drum sander on which the conveyer belt stopped moving. A little troubleshooting revealed that the speed control board failed. A replacement board is $62 plus shipping from the manufacturer. Once he popped the new one in, he was back in business.  But what would […]

How to Clean Under A Mower Deck

Tool of Choice: Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Tool Tip: Arm the Hackzall with an Accessory Scraper Blade Landscaping Professional, Gary Miles sent it a tool tip on how he uses a Milwaukee M12 Hackzall to clean under a mower deck. Gary is a landscaper in Texas and he says, “The combination of caliche clay, dust, and […]

25 Ways to Add Curb Appeal to the Home

Fypon is sponsoring the first every National Curb Appeal Month: August 2014 Here are 25 ways Fypon Suggests Adding Curb Appeal to Your Home MAUMEE, OHIO – The importance of curb appeal can never be underrated when you own a home. Whether it’s pride of ownership, fitting in with the neighborhood (or standing out!), the […]

How To Adjust a Sticking Door

Problem: Sticking Door What makes the door stick in the first place? Sticking doors are one of life’s annoyances. I have a friend who simply stopped using an exterior door at her house because it sticks so badly. She nailed it shut. While that certainly eliminated the annoyance (she never fights with the door anymore), […]

Inflating a Flat Tire | Tool Tip

Tip For Inflating a Flat Tire Nothing can slow or altogether kill your momentum when you pull out the wheelbarrow, lawn mower, or hand truck and discover the tire has gone flat. If it’s a tube-type tire, your only real option is to get another tube and spend the next hour or so wrestling with […]

Tool Tip: Use a Snow Shovel as a Dust Pan

Got a big mess?  Then you need a big dust pan! Snow Shovel Doubles as Dust Pan I live in Nashville, TN.  A snow shovel is one of those tools you just don’t use that often in the South.  But when you do need it, you’ll be sorry if you don’t have it.  Recently, as […]

Side Socket Swivel Tap | Review

Side Socket Swivel Outlet Adapter Yes, it’s one of those “On TV” things that caught our eye while wandering the aisles of Target. Interesting, but does it really work? Could I use it in the shop? Am I stupidly throwing good beer money out the window? Why am I so drawn to gadgety things like […]

How To Seal Outlets and Switchplates

Sealing Electrical Outlets and Switchplates Energy Saving Tips: They seem so small and innocent, but in larger numbers,  outlets can be energy thieves. Think of each one as being a hole venting directly to the outside of your home…and it could be as big as half an inch! When you add up the number of […]