Zombie Ammo Can Storage Case

Zombie Ammo Can Storage Case Yup, zombies are everywhere, but don’t worry – these aren’t the eating kind, they’re the storing kind. Honestly, I couldn’t resist buying this Zombie Ammo Can when I saw it at Moss Pawn and Gun Store in Jonesboro, Georgia. They had just received a shipment and were selling fast. It […]

Prank Video From our Friends at Tools In Action

  That Whacky Dan & Eric We are fortunate enough to get invited to a lot of media events hosted by various tool and building products manufacturers. At these events, we get to know the other online publishers, magazine editors, and other key players in our business. ¬†We become friends with them, and believe it […]

Canon Lens Mug

  Canon Lens Mug Come on, you know you want one. These lens mugs are just way too cool. A cup/mug designed like a Canon lens. I’ve had one for awhile now and love it! It keeps hot things hot, and cold things cold…but how do it know? (Sorry, old joke) In any event, they’re […]

Review – iCat Neck It by EK EKcessories

iCat Neck It by EK Accesories Walking up and down the aisles at 2012 International CES, I was a bit overwhelmed by all the accessories there for iPhones and iPads.  There were literally thousands of cases, lots of protective screens, cases, etc., but one thing stood out and caught my attention, especially for people like […]