Introducing GenTent Safety Canopies

Don’t Let Weather Kill Your Power Here in Texas, it’s been a very wet spring. We have had the most rainfall in the month of May since records have been kept. And along with the rain, there have been storms, flooding, power outages, and all around nasty weather. But, those inclement conditions made me think, […]

CordLatch Prevents Extension Cords from Pulling Apart | Review

CordLatch keeps you connected. Saving time, which also saves money. One of life’s little annoyances is being in the middle of a job and pulling on the cord to whatever tool you are using and having it pull apart from the extension cord. It’s frustrating to have to turn the tool off, stop and find […]

SimpleScribe Scribing Tool | Tool Review

SimpleScribe Eliminates Guesswork Marty Crochet is the inventor of SimpleScribe. The Tool Skool Inventor’s Corner salutes Marty and his ingenuity! Marty has made his living as a carpenter for many years, installing paneling, laminate countertops, building cabinets and many other jobs where he is dealing with contoured floors or walls. Like many other carpenters, he […]

A New Safer Way to Cut Down a Tree? … Maybe

How to cut down a tree safely? Robo Saw was created to help reduce injuries or an accidental death All clichés are based on at least a little bit of truth or they wouldn’t be clichés. “Necessity is the Mother of Invention” is based on a heaping amount of truth. Products exist because someone saw […]

Doorprop Door Stops | Product Review

Doorprop Door Stops | Simply Brilliant They work. Period. You can stop reading here and get one (or several) if you’re on the fence about the decision. Or you can keep reading to find out more about these brilliantly simple chunks of molded rubber can be used to prop open any door, according to the […]

SmithWorks PencilMan 25′ Tape Measure

Can you really improve the tape measure? Review of the SmithWorks PencilMan 25′ Tape Measure I recently put the SmithWorks PencilMan 25′ Lock ‘N’ Mark Tape Measure to the test.  I’ll have to admit when I first saw this tool I wasn’t quite sure what to make of it.  I mean, aren’t all tape measures […]

V-Line Clamp | Chalk Line & Tape Holder

V-Line Clamp for Chalk Line & Tape Measure Find a need and fill it. That’s exactly what the guys at V-Line have done with their chalk line and tape measure clamp. It’s a pretty simple concept that essentially gives you an extra pair of hands on the job when you’re trying to cut sheet goods. […]

Tantrum Electric Screwdriver from FlipOut

Inventor’s Corner: Tantrum Electric Screwdriver from FlipOut Tool Skool goes to the National Hardware Show every year, and one of the things we like the very best is meeting inventors and seeing what kinds of crazy things they come up with.  I’m constantly amazed at how many new and unique things there are.  A couple […]

Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix – Review

Lauren Fix’s The Bag Fix In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve known Lauren Fix for probably more years than she cares to remember. I played the role of TV Producer and she, the role of TV Host on a show called Talk2DIY Automotive. That seems like a different lifetime, but it was a bonding […]

Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips | CES 2013

Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips How many times have you dropped your cell phone, iPad, or e-reader and felt that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? Did it break? Is it ruined? Isn’t there a better way? Chances are, you hadn’t heard of Lazy Hands Thumbs-Free Grips at that point in time. Because if […]