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Tool Skool’s Brad Staggs appeared on the Nashville CBS affiliate’s Talk of the Town recently.  In this segment of the show, Brad gives his tips for winterizing your home.  These tips, and many more, can be found in his book Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements.

Here are some of the tips Brad shared:

Cover ’em Up!

Cover outdoor spigots with foam covers.  Tip: Look for one with rubber loop cord instead of hook, and a pull cord instead of a wing nut.  They are easier to use and just as inexpensive.

Outdoor Faucet Cover 600

Plug the Holes!

Use expanding foam (like Great Stuff) to fill up cracks to keep the “store-bought” air inside.  Tip:  Be sure and choose the right can for the job.  Don’t use the Big Gap Fill Great Stuff for windows and doors, instead use the windows and doors version.  Check the can for the size of the crack or opening it will fill.  If you use one that expands more than you need, you might damage around the area that you are trying to fill. Read our step-by-step post on this project HERE.

Great Stuff Product Shot 600

Clean-Up Tip

Use Great Stuff Wipes to Clean up your hands (and other things you may have gotten Great Stuff on) when you are done with the job.

Keep ’em Warm!

Use foam pipe insulation to keep your pipes from freezing in the winter. Tip: Instead of buying more expensive foam t-connectors, check out Brad’s Tip on how to make them yourself for a lot less.

Foam Pipe Insulation cropped


For more great tips like these, you can purchase Brad’s Book Spend-A-Little, Save-A-Lot Home Improvements.  Click the link below to pay $20 including shipping and handling for a signed copy of the book.

Spend a Little Save a Lot Book



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