Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser | CES 2013


Bosch GSL2 Surface Laser

At first glance, it seems odd that tool companies have grown fond of displaying their wares at an electronics show. That is, until you begin to think about the amount of electronics in almost every power tool that does something other than pound a nail. Some conspiracy theorists even suggest that tool companies have discovered a way to circumvent any warranty issues by installing “black boxes” inside their tools. This way, they’ll know if you ran a saw at full-bore for 4 hours just to see if it would start smoking. But I digress…

Bosch Tools piggybacked their parent company at the show. Alongside kitchen appliances, we were treated to a look at some of their newest tool tech, including this pretty cool laser that makes it simpler, easier, and faster to level a subfloor before installing the finished floor.

The Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser projects a pair of red laser beams at a 90 degree angle to each other. With a remote control, the user can sweep an entire area in just minutes, identifying trouble spots that would have taken hours to find with traditional methods. Here are a few more key points:

  • Range – up to 30 feet without target plate, up to 60 feet with target plate
  • Operates on 12 Max Li-Ion Battery or 4 “AA” batteries.
  • Comes with L-Boxx case.
  • Includes remote control.

The Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser makes for a very cool presentation at an electronics show, because after all, who doesn’t like frigging tools with frigging laser beams on their frigging heads? Check out Joe The Pro (a true professional on the job and a worthy drinking buddy after a tough day on the show floor…)

Bosch GSL 2 Surface Laser | CES 2013



Find out more: Bosch Website

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