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BOSCH – 36 Volts And Counting

Remember when 12v tools were the shizzle? Now, 36 is the word and the power and the future (at least for 2015), according to Bosch’s Tim Truesdale. He’s the man with the plan for Bosch Battery Technology and Wireless Charging. According to Tim, their focus this year is the 36v power plant, giving guys who work with the heavy duty tools something to look forward to when it comes to brute power and runtime.

bosch battery

The 36v 4ah Fat Pack battery from Bosch will put some get-up-and-go runtime in your rotary hammer or other brute tool.

Before you go spreading rumors that Bosch is getting out of the 18v battery biz, hang on. There’s more to the story…

Bosch's 18V 6ah is smart...very smart.

Bosch’s 18V 6ah is smart…very smart.

We spent some time in the Bosch Battery Van (at least that’s what we’re calling it) and came away with an education in what’s next for your cordless power tools.

Bosch Battery Technology Preview Video

36v Battery Lineup

Bosch has introduced the 36v 4ah fat pack battery this year, as well as the slimmer 36v 2ah power source. Both will give users 50% more runtime than their predecessors, according to Tim.


bosch battery

As Scotty once said to Captain Kirk, “I need more power!”. You’ll get it with Bosch’s 36v 4ah and 2ah batteries.

bosch 36v battery

The new 36V charger will juice up the 2ah battery in about 30 mins, and the 4ah battery in around 45.

18v Improvements

Bosch hasn’t totally gone 36v crazy – they’re still putting plenty of time and attention into their 18v lineup.

Batteries ain't what they used to be. The new Bosch power plants think, protect themselves, and protect the tool from overloading.

Batteries ain’t what they used to be. The new Bosch power plants think, protect themselves, and protect the tool from overloading.

bosch 6ah battery

Bosch has introduced the 18v 6ah battery this year and is lowering the price on the previous 5ah model.

bosch 18v battery

These 18v 6ah and 18v 4ah batteries are part of the new wireless charging system below.

Wireless Charging – The Future?

The real eye-catching headline in this story, right? Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to remove the battery from your tool every time it needed charging? That’s the way you do it with Bosch’s inductive charging system (learn more on that in-depth HERE).

bosch wireless

The inductive charging system utilizes a special base on the battery that connects with the charger without contacts.

bosch inductive battery charging

With Bosch’s inductive charger, you simply place the whole tool on the charger and it does its magic.

According to Bosch, one of the biggest benefits of their system is safety. If there’s any foreign object on the charger or the battery, the charger detects it and won’t start the charging process, avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

bosch battery charging holster

For tradesmen on the go, the holster charger mounts in you vehicle and keeps your tool charged and securely in place, for whenever you need it.

The idea behind wireless is that you’re saving steps. You no longer need a bucket of batteries and chargers, and you don’t have to constantly remove the battery from the tool simply to charge it. The wireless charger keeps the battery topped off at all times. That’s the plan, anyway.

And the big question – will these newfangled wireless charging batteries be compatible with your current stable of tools? Yup.

For more info from BOSCH:

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