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Big Ass Fans For Cows?

It’s true, Big Ass Fans, formerly known as HVLS Fan Company (High Volume Low Speed), started off making fans for cows, according to Keith McKay. Keith gave us a quick tour of the now more appropriately-named company at the 2013 SEMA/AAPEX Show in Vegas.

big ass fans

The Big Ass Fans booth at the 2013 SEMA/AAPEX show drew huge crowds. You definitely couldn’t miss their Big Ass signage!

One thing’s for sure, they make some BIG ASS Fans! Their Powerfoil X2.0 is one of the biggest ceiling fans we’ve ever seen, and their Haiku home ceiling fan is the world’s most advanced, they say. At home or at work in the cow barn (or airplane hanger), Big Ass Fans knows how to keep you cool.

big ass fans

Big Ass Fans says their Haiku model is the most advanced ceiling fan in the world.

big ass fans

Residential, commercial, industrial and even military applications.

Take a look at the preview video from the show and as always, there are links at the bottom of the page for more information and where to buy.

Big Ass Fans Video Preview

Big Ass Fans Details

In addition to their “bread & butter” industrial fans like the Powerfoil X2.0, the company announced some new products designed to complement the existing ceiling-mounted fans.

big ass fans

The Powerfoil X2.0 is impressive, to say the least.

The AirGo is 8 feet in diameter and can be positioned to move air in industrial spaces that may otherwise remain stagnant.

big ass fans

The AirGo 8 is designed to move stagnant pockets of air and can be adjusted to move air in just about any direction.

big ass fans

AirGo 8 in its horizontal position.

The Yellow Jacket was built to be tough on the job site – any job site. According to Big Ass Fans, their end-users wanted a fan that wouldn’t stop working even if they drove into it with a forklift. Big Ass listened and the Yellow Jacket was created.

big ass fans

The Yellow Jacket fan was designed for rough and tumble jobsites. Heavy-duty casters allow you to move it around wherever needed, or it can be wall or ceiling mounted.

big ass fans

The Yellow Jacket looked like it was wrapped in protective tries when we first saw it.


Big Ass Fans are Badass

Admittedly, we feel a little like the biggest kids in 5th grade when we say their name, but the thing is, this is a seriously cool company (pun intended). They make some tough workhorse fans that can make your industrial or commercial workspace more productive, simply by keeping workers cooler.

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For more info on Haiku from BAF: CLICK HERE


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