Artic Cove 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan Review

Arctic Cove Bucket Top Misting Fan

Arctic Cove 18V Cordless Bucket Top Misting Fan Review (Model MBF018)

Home Depot is now carrying a line of products by Arctic Cove and they asked if we’d like for them to send one to test out for review.  We agreed, and as a side note, though Home Depot provided the product, the opinions in this review are those of Beth Knott and Dana Wilkerson.  We decided on the 18V Bucket Top Misting Fan. At first I thought this would be a great idea for a job site, and it could be, but when our Tool Skool general contractor and remodeler, Dana Wilkerson first laid eyes on it, he begged me to let him test it and take it to his son’s baseball tournaments. That was a perfect fit for this product, so I of course said he could and here’s what Dana had to say.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

Dana wanted to take the Arctic Cove Misting Fan to the ball park.

Review by Contractor / Remodeler / Baseball Dad Dana Wilkerson

Unless you’ve been living in a cave, or under a rock somewhere, summer is here in full swing. If you’re anything like me, you’re always on the lookout for ways to beat the heat! Arctic Cove has hit a grand-slam with their new portable misting fan! This powerful cordless machine pumps cooling water while resting on a 5 gallon bucket, or through a direct line via a flexible hookup or syphon tube reaching the bottom of the bucket. With dual settings on the front for using the fan alone or the fan with misting protected beneath clear rubber protection this fan is well thought out. Even the 18V Lithium-ion battery has a protective cover.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan Switches

There are two switches: one for the fan, one for the pump. They are both protected from the water.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan Cover over Battery

The fan comes with a battery, but also works with Ryobi One+ batteries and is covered to protect it from the water.

My son plays on a traveling baseball team, and with the temps reaching the mid 90’s these guys are sweating profusely! The first time I showed up at practice with this little puppy, the boys were more than eager to give it a try… The results were overwhelming. It was a huge hit!! They were standing in line to cool off, and the coaches in the dugout between innings hovered around it as well.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

It offered a bit of relief from the heat for the ball players and coaches.

The sprayers on the front of the fan are made of brass for long life, and deliver an ample supply of finely misted water. Believe me when I say this, buy this product. Your body will thank you on a hot summer day.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

A brass nozzle on each side sprays the water in front of the fan to create a mist.

What Dana liked about the misting fan:

  • Portability
  • Long battery life
  • Ability to use Ryobi 18V One+ batteries on this fan
  • Dual water nozzles
  • Seems to be durable so far

What Dana would like to see improved:

I’d like to see them put a sucker cup on the end of the pick-up on the syphon hose. It does sometimes have a tendency to wander to the surface of the water instead of staying submerged in the bucket.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan Syphon Tube

Would be nice to have a suction cup to prevent floating.

Here’s what Beth Knott has to say:

I’ve always liked the Ryobi One+ line of tools, and this is sort of an extension of that. I’m about to write a review on the 18V Hybrid Fan, but it’s really the same fan as the 18V they have been selling for a year or so, only they’ve made it compatible with water and branded it Arctic Cove, so I do think contractors would like it when on hot outdoor job sites, but I give this warning: You might get a bit wet. The mister is great, but at least in our humid climate, I did get damp standing in front of it. As long as you know that, you are good to go.

Here are the features as told by Ryobi:

  • Designed to fit most 5 gallon buckets (it for sure fits the 5 gallon buckets that Home Depot sells)
  • There is a garden hose adapter so it can be used without the bucket.
Arctic Cove Misting Fan Garden Hose Adapter

Use with a garden hose instead of a bucket of water.

  • The foot is designed to sit on a bucket or on a flat surface if using with a hose.  And the head pivots to give you many options.
Arctic Cove Misting Fan Adjustble Positions

Head of the fan rotates up and down.

  • They estimate you’ll get up to 2.5 hours of runtime with the 1.3Ah battery that comes with the fan (it comes with a charger too).  If you buy the 4.0Ah Ryobi One+ battery, you could get up to 7 hours of runtime. You have to buy your own bucket.
Arctic Cove Misting Fan Battery and Charger

The Misting Fan comes with a 1.3Ah battery and a charger. For more runtime, you can purchase the 4.0Ah Ryobi One+ battery.

  • And as Dana says, you can use your existing Ryobi 18V One+ batteries with it. Which is my favorite part.
Ryobi One+ Batteries

This fan can be used with any of the Ryobi One+ batteries.

Beth’s overall impression of the misting fan:

When we first got it, a contractor friend told me he thought it was a goofy gadget and he’d personally never use it, but I think that’s simply a matter of personal preference. He also doesn’t work in an extremely hot climate. Some contractors will think it’s great for creating a spot to cool off on the job site, especially in dry climates, some won’t. I think it’s going to be a huge hit for baseball games, the beach, and other family activities.

Arctic Cove Misting Fan

The Arctic Cove misting fan is a hit!

The Arctic Cove 18V Misting Fan is available at The Home Depot. At the time of this post, the price is a smidge over $99. I imagine it will be a seasonal item, so get yours now during the hot summer months!

For more info and to purchase from The Home Depot: CLICK HERE sometimes carries this fan: CLICK HERE

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