4LTX Shelf Bracket by Mladen

Hardware Show

4LTX Shelf Bracket – Preview

Mladen (like Aladdin, but with a “MMM” sound in front) is an interesting guy – and not someone I would consider shy. He approached us at the National Hardware Show and demonstrated his new product – a shelf bracket that works with 3/4″ wood and doesn’t require nails or screws.

shelf bracket

Mladen invented the 4LTX Shelf Bracket when he got to America.

Shelf Bracket with No Fasteners

It’s a great concept and Mladen has poured every last cent in his pocket into the design and manufacturing. He’s from Bosnia (that explains the accent) and he’s bound and determined to make it BIG here in the United States. Everyone here at ToolSkool hopes he does!

4LTX Shelf Bracket – Inventor’s Corner

The inventor gave us a demonstration at the show.

4LTX Shelf Bracket – NHS 2012

For more information and to order Mladen’s bracket: 4LTX Website


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