Triton Track Saw – Video Preview


Kreg Tool – Triton Track Saw

Kreg is the national distributor for Triton Tools here in the United States. With that said, we got a double-helping of cool new tools at the Kreg booth this year. The Triton Track Saw was one of those new goodies. It has some nice features and still comes in just under $400 – cheaper than a Festool, no doubt.

One of the nicest features, which speaks to safety, is the anti-kickback system. The saw moves forward freely, but you have to disengage the anti-kickback knob to allow it backward movement.

Track Saw

The Triton Track Saw has an anti-kickback feature that the user must disengage before moving the saw backward.

Second, you can over-bevel up to 48 degrees with this Triton Track Saw. Of course, one of the concerns is that the saw tends to want to tip out of the track at that angle. Triton took care of that, as well. Another nice touch!

Track Saw

The over-bevel feature is nice, with a built-in safeguard.

Triton Track Saw Opinion

Overall, this saw seemed like a real winner to us. It has some nice features you generally only find on more expensive tools, but comes in at substantially less. The setup doesn’t seem too complicated and it made several nice passes on the demo board while we were there. As soon as we get one in the shop, we’ll report back, of course.

In the meantime, take a look at the saw in action in our video preview.

Triton Track Saw Video Preview



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