Deck Cleaning Made Easy with Sprayglide

Sprayglide Deck Cleaning Accessory

Sprayglide takes some of the hassle out of deck cleaning

At a recent Deck Expo show, I was talking with colleagues in the Real Outdoor Living Wood Pavilion. A man approached and claimed he had a terrific accessory that made deck cleaning easier and less of a headache. We listened to his pitch – intriguing.  The device he held had looked odd, but once he explained that you attach the gadget to a pressure washer, it became clear. That was my initial introduction to the Sprayglide.

Sprayglide 3

Like most people, I procrastinate when it comes to staining my deck in the back yard.  It’s not so much the staining part I don’t like, but all the prep it takes to get the deck ready to take the stain.  And of course, after taking all the stuff off of the deck, the next really big step is to thoroughly clean it.  That’s where the pressure washer comes in.  While pressure washing sure beats scrubbing the deck for hours with a brush, there are still a couple of issues most people face.

1) When you use the pressure washer for any length of time, your back is generally aching pretty quickly because your natural inclination is to lean over while moving the wand back and forth.

2) You have to be very careful to keep the spray nozzle at a consistent distance from the boards:  too far, and you’ll notice areas that didn’t come clean as well as others. If you get too close, you run the risk of gouging the wood.

So when I finally decided to tackle this project, I was anxious to test the Sprayglide with the pressure washer to see if I thought it made a big difference, and the answer is a resounding YES!   When you open the package, you’ll find the Sprayglide  accessory and some strips of Velcro.  The strips get attached to the Sprayglide and the spray wand to hold it all together.  Best of all, you can adjust it to accommodate different heights. In plain English, no more bending over.

Sprayglide Deck Cleaning Accessory

The Sprayglide’s ball tip keeps the spray at a uniform distance as you roll it across the deck. Adjusted correctly, this keeps the wood fibers from getting damaged.

Sprayglide Deck Cleaning Accessory

The ball rolls smoothly across the deck boards.

And there’s a bonus…because it moves so smoothly you get a much more uniform clean.  I found that there is far less streaking when using the Sprayglide as compared to going without.

Sprayglide Deck Cleaning Accessory

Wood is cleaned evenly.

Now, I won’t say that it made cleaning the deck boards fun, but it made the chore tolerable and I think the results were better. Here’s a little clip of the Sprayglide in action:

The folks at Sprayglide claim it’s made with quality materials, and they put a lifetime guarantee behind that.   For around $25, I’d say it’s a small price to pay to safe your back and your deck boards.

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